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Ken Davis Productions

Ken Davis Productions
P.O. Box 745940
Arvada, CO 80006-5940 USA

(800) 425-0873 Order Direct
FAX (303) 420-0764
E-mail: kenstuff@kendavis.com

Super Sheep
Turning Your Heart Toward Your Children
Fire Up Your Life!
A Wimpy ProphetA Butane BushAnd No Excuses
A Twisted Mind
How to Use Humor
Recapturing Your Creative Spirit

Day of Discovery

Day of Discovery
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49555

"10 Reasons to Believe"
"When You Just Can't Stop: The Calvin Hunt Story"
"Holidays of God"

Dayspring Direct

Both the Hearts of Faith CD and Cry Indonesia video, published by The Barnabas Fund, are now available online at www.daypsringdirect.com. The CD sells for $19.95, and the Video sells for $19.95. The complete package can be purchased for $29.95. (All prices include GST within Australia, but do not include postage). All profits from sales go to the needs of Christians in East Indonesia.


Springdale, Arkansas

"The Living Christmas Tree"


Deaf Video Communications -PHN 708-964-0909

Dept L
Ft Worth, Texas 76150 USA

(7 Signs of Christ's Return)
(The Greatest Gift)
(Ralph Carmichael's Big Band Christmas)
(The Promise)
(call to see whole list of titles)
(Silver Celebration)
(Veggie Tales: The Toy that Saved Christmas)
(Dennis Swanberg's Back to Back Laughter)
(Dennis Swanberg's Loosen Up Laugh and Live)
(Dennis Swanberg's Laughter from the Rafters)
(The Choirs of Christmas)
(God Bless this Home We've Made)
"Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: He's Been Faithful"
"Psalm Enchanted Evening"
"Happy Wife, Happy Life"

D & K Press

D & K Press
P.O. Box 875
San Leandro, CA 94577-0442

One of the best Christian book and video catalogs in the USA, excellent catalog- Don Robertson scans 100's of books a year and chooses the best books and videos on the topics of apologetics, Christian living, church growth, counselling, creation versus evolution, cults, discipleship, doctrinal subjects, evangelism, family, marriage, firm foundations, gifts, leadership, missions, outreach to catholics, prophecy, small group studies, etc...

Discount Christian Videos

Discount Christian Videos
Christiano Film Group
3310 Fairview
Jonesboro, AR 72401


They have a catalog of videos online and by mail, nice website with pictures, descriptions and price

Discovery House Publishers

Discovery House Publishers
Box 3566
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501 USA


DPP Productions

DPP Productions
Dan Philgreen

NEW MISSIONARY VIDEO WINS NATIONAL AWARD -- "Return to Hauna," a 30 minute video featuring Wycliffe Bible translator Marilyn Laszlo, has won a 1999 Angel Award from Excellence in Media. In the video, Marilyn, a master storyteller, shares many fascinating and entertaining glimpses of the 23-year process of translating the New Testament into the Sepic Iwam language of Papua New Guinea. She walks around the village sharing about what happened on the very spots where the events occurred. She ends with an inspiring and encouraging challenge to reach the world. It has a broad appeal and is suitable for use by members of other agencies or for a general missions emphasis in churches. "Return to Hauna" is a follow-up project to another film done in Hauna village in 1981, "Come By Here," also an Angel Award winner. Both videos were shot and edited by producer Dan Philgreen of St. Cloud, Florida, and are available at http:/www.dpproductions.com along with more information, behind the scenes photos, etc. Or email <dan@dpproductions.com>.

DRC Productions

DRC Productions
PO Box 3825
McAllen, Texas 78502
956 618-1212

producers and distributors of Final Exit, The Gathering and Escape from Hell

Emmaus Road International


Solutions To Culture Stress

Looking at the realities of cross-cultural ministry from four perspectives, this video series is the most basic training we offer to those who go. We contrast culture shock with stress, providing solutions to the issues missionaries face, even on short term trips.

The four areas are:

. How I View Myself as a Cross-Cultural Worker
. How I View the Organization I am Working With
. How I View the People I Plan to Minister Among
. Culture Stress in Reverse - The Stress of Coming Home

Our strongest recommendation is that anyone going on any ministry trip study these lessons in the context of that specific mission. If you are going as a team, discuss the solutions as a group.
Solutions to Cultural Stress - $49.85
4 Hours on two Videos

Prepare For Battle! - Lessons In Spiritual Warfare
Click here for a Real Video preview!

Following a very basic and practical progression of thought, this Training
Tape series deals with these nine topics:

. Spiritual Armor
. Spiritual Weapons
. Attitude toward War
. Tactics of satan
. Spiritual Authority
. Principles of War
. A Woman's View
. Battlefield Living
. Servant - Leader

Both Video and Audio Tapes include 19 pages of Student Notes and Assignments as well as a 22 - page Study Guide. A 7-minute introduction to the series is also included.

Prepare for Battle! - $98.00
9 Hours of Video

Encouraging Words Bookstore


Bob Enyart Live

Bob Enyart Live
PO Box 583
Arvada, Colorado 80001
or 1-8008-ENYART
"Mt. Moriah"
"God and the Death Penalty"

Tony Evans

videos from Tony Evan's preaching ministry

EvanTell, Inc.

EvanTell, Inc.
9212 Markville
Dallas, Texas 75243

(972) 690-3125 (Fax)

VideoN.E.T.S. Non-threatening Evangelism Training System. 12 part training series helps the most timid believer overcome fear in presenting the gospel.
(6 tapes/10 student manuals/ 1 leaders guide)$ 295.00

$How To Tell the Bad News/Good News
Larry Moyer shares the Bad News/Good News approach to sharing the gospel.$ 29.95

$You Can Tell It! (2 tape series A & B)
This video presentation contains the heart of EvanTell's live You Can Tell It! seminar.$ 29.95 - A $ 29.95 - B

Every Home for Christ

Every Home for Christ
Chatsworth, California 91311-6286
Dick Eastman's videos on prayer

Face to Face Ministries

Face to Face Ministries

Videos on the family.

Family Central

Family Central

Nice online catalog.

Family Films

Family Films
3558 S. Jefferson Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63118-3968 USA

Out of business?

Family Life Communications

Family Life Communications

"After Effects" video about abortion
"After Effects: Healing from the Effects of Abortion" details the lives of six people who have experienced life-altering trauma after abortions.

Family Theatre

Family Theatre
509 Jill Drive
Jonesboro, Arkansas 72404 USA

(Sells Christians videos, shown on Sky Angel)
(The Appointment, prophecy videos


Les Feldick Ministries

Les Feldick Ministries
Rt. 1 - Box 760
Kinta, OK 74552

Bible teaching videos
Les Feldick specializes in teaching the Bible

Fellowship Tract League

Fellowship Tract League
PO Box 164
Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Videos of camp meetings.

Film and Video Dept.

Film and Video Dept.
Praise, Inc..
145 Panay Ave. Corner Sgt.
Esquerra St.
Quezon City, Phillipines

(English PAL)

Film Presentation Co.

Film Presentation Co.
514 Route 27
Box 232
Iselin, N.J. 08830

Good black and white catalog has a description.
Also has also good and garbage secular videos.

Film4Him Productions

Film4Him Productions
Corey Flynn

I'm a Christian filmmaker who has produced a short film called "Woman at the Well". It is a modern-day version of the story in the Bible.

Films for Chirst / Eden Communications

Films for Chirst / Eden Communications
PO Box 200
Gilbert, Arizona 85299 USA
ph: (800) 332-2261
ph: (480) 507-3621
fax: (480) 507-6777

The reports of the showings of their videos on television in Russia, and personal showings in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan can be read at: http://www.christiananswers.net/eden/ednwldwd.html

Has descriptions and reviews of many Christian videos on their web page
e-mail: eden@christiananswers.net
e-mail: mail@eden.org
Has a nice catalog.

Firefighter/Jude 23 Productions

Firefighter/Jude 23 Productions
P.O. Box 152
Cogan Station, PA
E-mail Chris at pickprod@excite.com

New Video Bible Study Reveals How Satan "Tempts Mankind"

Firm Foundation Trust

Firm Foundation Trust
14 Hurst Way
Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 1QN

"Ali & Silvana" is a dramatic,
90 min. feature length, evangelistic video, filmed in Bulgaria. It tells the story of a Muslim boy and a Christian girl who fall in love, but know their parents and their traditions, cultures won't allow them to marry. A 'mafia' type older man decides he wants Silvana and the story goes from there. New Life in Christ is contrasted with the 'traditional' religions (both Islam and Orthodox Christianty - in this case). There's a number of twists and turns - the conclusion somewhat unexpected and powerful. It's available in PAL and NTSC, in Bulgarian, Turkish and Bulgarian with English sub-titles. $16.00 US Dollars

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Christmas Pageant video.

Focus on the Family International

Focus on the Family International
8605 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920 or 90920 USA
(800) A-FAMILY (232-6459)
(719) 531-3400

It has a large list of Christian videos regarding the family including the Odyssey and McGee and Me videos. "Sex Lies and the Truth" video has been used by God in the USA and some foreign countries

Foothill Scripture House

Foothill Scripture House
5353 Auburn Boulevard
Sacramento, California

It has a large video rental catalog (around 32 pages).


PO Box 243
11681 Riverbend Dr.
Leavenworth, WA 98826

fax 1-509-548-6585

FOR MISSIONARIES ONLY is an organization which specializes in sending Christian cassettes, CD's, videos, etc. at about 1/3 of the price that you can get them at other places. They have missionaries in mind . . . but anyone can order from them. Catalogs are free. They also ship to restricted access countries but one has to be really specific as to how they are/aren't to package the materials.


Dept L
Ft Worth, Texas 76150 USA

(The Gifts of Christmas video)

Freedom in Christ Ministries

Freedom in Christ Ministries

Neil Anderson's ministry which includes books on setting people free from spiritual bondage

John Fries
P.O. Box 26479
Colorado Springs, CO 80936
Ph. (719) 596-6560
Videos on missions to Muslims: (1) The Berbers of Morocco; (2) The great Challenge; and (3) El Gran Desafio (Spanish)


325 N. Stapley Drive
Mesa, Arizona

Destination 2000 video kit (includes Unveiled at last and guidebook) Islamic drama video - Destination 2000 children's teacher training video kit

Future Films and Video

Future Films and Video
P.O. Box 4142
510 Sunset Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75208 USA
(214) 946-6181

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