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Bill and Gloria Gaither

Bill and Gloria Gaither (Gaither Videos)
PO Box 737
Alexandria, Indiana 46001 USA

Bill and Gloria Gaither (Gaither Videos)
PO Box 178
Alexandria, Indiana 46001 USA

800-863-1995 (10/2000)

Many videos on with different Christians singing

(Homecoming Moments)
(Joy to the World)
(Joy in the Camp)
(Sing the Blues Away)
(Homecoming Texas)
(Back Home in Indiana)
(Happy Day)
(Holy Ground)
(Moments to Remember)

Gateway Films-Vision Video

Gateway Films-Vision Video
2030 Wentz Church Road
P.O. Box 540
Worcester, Pennsylvania 19490-9985 USA
(215) 584-1893

It has a nice video catalog.
It has a nice Spanish catalog.

Gateway to Joy

Gateway to Joy
Elisabeth Elliot
To place an order by phone or fax, use a number below:
800-811-2397 United States
800-663-2425 Canada
402-464-7474 Fax

A Peaceful Home with Elisabeth Elliot
In this two-video set you'll find the secret of becoming a Christ-centered family. Elisabeth Elliot reminds us of the authority God gives parents as He empowers them to raise the next generation in an environment of holiness. 93 minutes.

Forget Me Not with Elisabeth Elliot
Grandma's house. What memories! Elisabeth Elliot reminds grandparents of the lasting influence they can have on their grandchildren. Whether they live next door or a thousand miles away, this 34-minute video will encourage your heart with its challenging insights.

Paul Gaudino Family Fitness

Paul Gaudino Family Fitness
Butler, Pennsylvania USA
(fitness videos)

Willie George Ministries

Willie George Ministries
Po Box 639
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74013

"Adventures in Dry Gulch" television program - call for other titles


Campus Crusade for Christ's retail site which sells Christian videos and DVDs.

Global Net Productions


Transformations video

The documentary visits four cities that have been dramatically transformed by the Gospel-in Colombia, Kenya, California and Guatemala. Manuel saw in these remarkable stories cities dramatically changed as a result of focused prayer. If God could radically transform other cities for Christ, why not his city?

Imagine a community where 92 percent of the population is born-again; where city jails have been closed for lack of crime; where agricultural productivity has reached biblical proportions.

Imagine a city where 60,000 Christians jam the municipal soccer stadium for all-night prayer vigils every 90 days; where a multi-billion dollar drug cartel has been brought to its knees.

Imagine a town where local bars have been transformed into churches; where ancestral shrines have been destroyed; where entire family clans have come to faith in Christ.

Don't imagine...BELIEVE! Journey with host George Otis, Jr. to transformed communities on three continents. Learn how the power of prayer can deliver similar results in your own neighborhood.

60 minute VHS
$19.95 plus S/H

God's News

God's News
PO Box 10475
St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

"Gods News Behind the News" television program
They have some prophecy videos.

The God's Story Project

The God's Story Project
Dorothy A. Miller
The God's Story Project
43500 Cactus Valley Road
Hemet, CA 92544, USA

Toll Free 877-99-Bible
Call... (909) 658-1619
Fax... (909) 658-9189

Psalm 96:3 "Declare his glory...his wonders among all people."

In charge of translating the God's Story video by Jeremiah Productions

Gold City: Home for the Holidays

Gold City: Home for the Holidays

Good News for Catholics/Lumen Productions

Good News for Catholics/Lumen Productions
PO Box 595
Cupertino, CA 95015-0595 USA

ph: (800) 228-7412
Fax 408-281-7299
e-mail: gnfc@fairhaven.ccmail.compuserve.com

"Catholicism: Crisis of Faith" an excellent video about what's wrong with the Catholic church from a Biblical point of view in a non offending way.

Good News Productions

Good News Productions
PO Box 222
Joplin, MO 64802 USA

RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT (NEW VIDEO) -- Check out this great new video by Good News Productions. It features interviews with 2 beginning missionaries talking honestly about their hopes, their doubts, their tough decisions, "What did it take to get you to go?", humor, candid testimonies, video footage from around the world. For more info, write <gnpi@gnpi.org> or, if calling from the USA or via Net2Phone, call 800- 457-GNPI. GNPI has about 50 English videos listed on their web site.

Gospel Film Ministry Ltd

Gospel Film Ministry Ltd
142 Canterbury Rd
Kilsyth, Victoria 3137 Australia
Phone (03) 9729 3777
Fax (03) 9720 1004
(English PAL)

Gospel Film Ministry has a nice catalog that they send out.

Gospel Films

Gospel Films
Box 455
Muskegon, Michigan 49443 USA
(800) 253-0413
(616) 773-3361
e-mail: gf@gospelcom.net

They have a nice catalog they send out on a regular basis

Gospel Music Television

Gospel Music Television
PO Box 1410
Pigeon Forest, Tennessee 37868

Gospel Witness Films

Gospel Witness Films
Atlanta, GA 30301
800 241-1755

Video distributor sends out catalogs

Go-Tell Communications

Go-Tell Communications
Keith Strugnell
PO Box 1213
Garden View 2047
South Africa
Phone 011-27-11-622-4608
Fax 011-27-11-455-3948
Fax +27-11-622-4142/455-3946

(Nice website with many titles of Christian videos and short descriptions)

Greatest Heroes and Legends


Children's animation videos based on the Bible. Well done videos. Be careful in that they will keep sending you videos and expect you to pay for them, customer service is questionable.

Greatsite Marketing

Greatsite Marketing
9521 Draycott Ct.
Burke, VA 22015

"The Forbidden Book"
"A Nation Adrift"

Group Publishing

Group Publishing
1515 Cascade Ave
Loveland, CO 80538
Call 1-800-447-1070 or (970) 669-3836

The Holy Bible: fact or fiction? Between the covers of the Bible simmer history's most spectacular claims...but are they true? Walk with Biblical scholars - and skeptics - through the Bible's most challenging mysteries. It's all here...expert testimony. Vivid, dramatic re-creations of Bible events. Conclusive scientific experiments that put Bible claims to the test. Examine Ancient Secrets of the Bible...then decide for yourself!!

$14.99 each 30 Minutes each

Volume 1 - Ark of the Convenant: Lost or Hidden??
Volume 2 - Battle of David & Goliath: Truth or Myth??
Volume 3 - Fiery Furnace: Could Anyone Survive??
Volume 4 - Moses' Red Sea Miracle
Volume 5 - Moses' Ten Commandments
Volume 6 - Noah's Ark: Fact or Fable??
Volume 7 - Noah's Ark: Was There a Flood??
Volume 8 - Noah's Ark: What Happened to It??
Volume 9 - Samson: Strong Man, Hero, or Legend??
Volume 10 - Shroud of Turin
Volume 11 - Sodom and Gomorrah
Volume 12 - Tower of Babel
Volume 13 - Walls of Jericho

Growing Families International

Growing Families International
(800) 396-4GFI

Gary Ezzo's video materials on families and raising children.

May God richly bless you in your efforts to raise a family to His glory.
In Him,
Gary & Anne Marie Ezzo

Guiding Light Video

Guiding Light Video
Children's Christian videos

Doug Hammett

Doug Hammett
Lehigh Valley Baptist Church
Emmaus, Pa. USA

God's Map to Marriage- Video detailing God's plan for finding the spouse of
His choosing. Majors on explaining the benefits and scriptural truths underlying betrothal as opposed to dating or courtship.

From Principle to Practice- 2 Part Video detailing the practical side of betrothal and how to work out the Bible principles into real life.


PO Box 15577
Scottsdale AZ 85267
Karla Tesch

"A Vision for Carapita" - 24 min. Available in English or Spanish. A barrio church in Venezuela catches God's vision for its community and sees exciting results.

"Budo" - English. A group of women villagers in Uganda follow God's command to love their neighbors, making surprising changes in their community.

"Atuka" - 40 min. English. A remote Amazon village is transformed as its people use biblical strategies.

"Kapatiran" - 15 min. English. A barrio church in the Philippines ministers to serious community needs.

Harvest Productions

Harvest Productions
Evangelical Baptist Missions
Box 2225
Kokomo, Indiana 46904-2225 USA
ph: (765)455-2112
e-mail: 75053.3553@compuserve.com
e-mail: HarvestProductions@ebm.org.

Download their catalog with the listing of all our films, and the languages they are in, at www.ebm.org under "Missionary Resourses" has a nice video catalog

Heartland Productions

Heartland Productions/Mark IV Films/Mustard Seed Int'l/Ross Doughten Films
5907 Meredith Drive
Des Moines, Iowa 50322 USA
(515) 270-2080

They have a nice video catalog.

"Thief in the Night"
"A Distant Thunder"
Producers of the four video prophecy series videos which are effective and popular evangelistic videos $19.95 each

Heritage Baptist Church of Manhattan

Heritage Baptist Church of Manhattan
Post Office Box 7925
New York, NY 10116
Pastor Matthew Recker at 212-624-9208
Crisis Counseling: 212-624-9212
E-Mail: info@christforthecrisis.com
Web Address: www.christforthecrisis.com

"The Gospel at Ground Zero" Video
Operation 911 Evangelistic Meeting
Excerpt of Sermon by Dr. Tom Farrell

"The Gospel at Ground Zero" is a video that documents the efforts of Christians sharing eternal answers through Gospel tracts and personal evangelism with the people of New York City. The video includes footage of the World Trade Center Attack and a timely Gospel message from Evangelist Tom Farrell. A DONATION OF $15.00 PER VIDEO IS SUGGESTED.

This video was produced by Wonderworks, Inc. -- "Multimedia Solutions for the Local Church"
Phone 757-321-7547; E-mail: stevelandreth@home.com

High Praise Ministries

High Praise Ministries

This is to announce to you a brand new way to buy the Gaither Homecoming Videos online! We offer the same videos that you have seen advertised on TV, at a substantially reduced rate! We guarantee the best prices and service available! Please forward this on to any friends that you might think would be interested! Enjoy all your old favorite gospel music stars.

Featuring: Doris Akers, James Blackwood, The Cathedrals, Cynthia Clawson, The Couriers, Geron Davis, Sue Dodge, Ann Downing, Michael English, Fairfield Four, The Florida Boys, Larry Ford, Terry Franklin, Joy Gardner, Vestal & Howard Goodman, Greater Vision, Jake Hess, Jim Hill, Claude & Connie Hopper, Lillie Knauls, Eva Mae LeFevre, Mylon LeFevre, Hovie Lister, Mosie Lister, Mark Lowry, Jack Marshall, Terry McMillan, Gary McSpadden, The Mullins, Naomi and the Segos, Rex Nelon, Doug Oldham, Squire Parsons, Janet Paschal, Henry Slaughter, Daniel Smith, Allison Speer, The Speers, Ira Stanphill, The Statesmen, Gordon Stoker, Tanya Goodman Sykes, Russ Taff, The Talleys, Kelly Nelon Thompson, Wally Varner, Lily Weatherford ... and MORE!

Hockey Ministries International

Hockey Ministries International
4446 W 78th St.
Bloomington, MN 55435-5406 USA
(612) 831-4728

Hockey Ministries International
Box 36, Beaconsfield
QC, Canada HgW 5T6
Phone (514) 694-6440

Gospel Witness Films
Atlanta, Georgia 30301
(404) 633-1086

Home Keepers

Christian Television Network
Clearwater, Florida

"Interview program hosted by Arthelene Rippy"

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