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Exciting videos are available for purchase when visiting JAARS or by phoning the JAARS Resource Center at (704) 843-6095.

The Word Like A River
20 min

See Bible Translators at work in the Americas, Africa, Asia and the former Soviet Union.

JAARS: Just Lending A Hand
14:30 min

Shows how ordinary people use their talents and experience to serve at JAARS.

Jesus Loves Me
5:43 min

Multicultural scenes, without words, except for one sentence at the end.

You Can't Ride Two Horses
20 min

God's power over demonic oppression of the Blaan people of the Philippines.

8:30 min

Shows the relation between support efforts and the work of Bible translation in Papua New Guinea.

Faith Mighty Faith
20 min

Documents the life of 'Uncle Cam' Townsend.

The Long Road
17 min

The road to a completed New Testament translation is long. And it can be tough. But it is worth the investment.

Jungle Jump Off
Is . . .
11:30 min

. . . a jump start introduction to the world of missions!
High school (14 and older) or college age groups spend a week in a simulated tribal setting right here in the states. Experience a taste of field living and missionary service for a minimal investment in time and money.

Language Services Center - Groundbreaking
33 min

Records the groundbreaking ceremony on July 11, 1997 at the JAARS Center near Waxhaw, North Carolina.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Gospel Video Available

A new tool to help in evangelism and discipleship was dedicated recently in Papua New Guinea. Staff with JAARS, the aviation wing of Wycliffe Bible Translators, and others have been working among the country's Alekano people. Ellis Deibler helped translate the Scriptures into Alekano, enabling the production of the "Luke" video. "The visual means of communicating the gospel has a great affect on the people because they've never seen anything like this before. So we're believing that God will use it in many ways among our people, not only in evangelism, but as a teaching tool as well." Deibler says even though the Alekano are a Third World people group, the video will be watched. "There's electricity in every village now, and many people have video players."

JD Audio Visual

JD Audio Visual
1713 East Walnut St.
Pasadena, California 91106
(213) 681-8107
(818) 792-6682

They have a nice video catalog.

Jeremiah Films

Jeremiah Films
P.O. Box 1710
Hemet, California 92343 USA

In California: 1-800-633-0869
FAX: (714) 652-5848
e:mail orders@jeremiahfilms.com

Excellent video ministry concentrating on apologetics, social issues, and videos on cults and false doctrines. They have a nice catalog.

Aids:What You Haven't Been Told
Apocalypse Planet Earth
Survival 2000
The Right to Kill
A Matter of Choice
Assignment Life
Massacre of Innocence
Tell the Truth
The Silent Scream
Ultrasound Window to the Womb
Your Crisis Pregnancy

1 Gods of the New Age 103R100,00

This video is a must viewing for those interested in understanding today's mushrooming New Age philosophy, popularly nicknamed "Shirley MacLaine's mysticism for the masses". A gripping and accurate exposť of an incredible deception that is reshaping the western world.

2 Godmakers 56R80,00

This controversial video peels back the mask of lies to expose today's most respectable yet deceitful and fastest growing cult. This fast paced and hard hitting documentary reveals heartbreaking accounts of families and lives destroyed by the Mormon church.

3 Devil Worship: The rise of Satanism 63R80,00

This video takes you behind the scenes into actual black witchcraft and satanic rituals. Former satanists, practising witches and law enforcement experts explain the vastness and diversity of the movement. Most importantly, dangerous doorways into the occult are exposed.

4 Evolution Conspiracy 55R80,00

This incredible documentary presents the Creation/Evolution debate in an appealing format, featuring some of the world's most influential experts on both sides. Evolution is contrasted with the scientific facts that support Creation and provides the Christi an with a solid basis for faith in a Creator God.

5 False Gods of Our Time 104R110,00

This informative documentary featuring Dr Norman Geisler, provides an antidote to the bombardment of erroneous and confusing philosophies which are presented convincingly as truth and undermining Biblical Christianity. Some of these philosophies include atheism, the New Age, Humanism, the occult, evolution and false signs and wonders.

6 Witness at Your Door 45R90,00

A compelling and fast moving drama which presents an inside look at how the Jehovah's Witnesses recruit, brainwash and train new members. Based on true life experience this powerful and humorous video follows one man's story from beginning to end. It is also an excellent tool to instruct us in witnessing.

7 Mormon Dilemma 67R90,00

As a dramatic follow-up to "The Godmakers", this video clearly, but lovingly presents the difference between Mormonism and orthodox Christianity.

8 Fear is the Master 56R90,00

In this hard-hitting documentary, ex-followers reveal secrets of life under the domination of India's infamous free sex guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, self-proclaimed "God of the Universe". This explosive video draws shocking comparisons between Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones and Rajneesh, the disco sex guru.

9 AIDS - What You Haven't Been Told 75R110,00

Filmed in twelve major cities in the USA and Europe, this shocking and visually appealing documentary unmasks the myths, cover-ups and political manipulations concerning the world's most deadly killer virus. Special discount for all five titles in PARCEL 10, SECTION B

10 Freemasonry 30R80,00

In this daring, but verifiable, expos/, the movement is equated with the rites of witchcraft.

11 Halloween: Trick or Treat 48R90,00

Traces of pagan roots of the practice. Cameras take you inside actual witches' covens. The question is squarely addressed: Can Christians in good conscience play with this pagan practice?

12 Invasion of the Godmen 48R90,00

Incredible film footage from India highlights the deliberate propagation of paganism to the West, demonstrating the origin of today's "godconsciousness movement", and disclosing the identity of the "godmen" of Eastern mysticism.

13 Meditation: Pathway to Deception? 48R90,00

The occultic roots of practices like Eastern Meditation, Yoga and Pagan Mysticism (which are carefully marketed as science) are exposed.

14 East Seduces West 48R90,00

The socially popular practices of mind science, visualisation, inner guides, past-life regression and eastern meditation techniques are exposed for what they are - Hindu forms of black magic and demon worship.

15 Dawning of the New Age 48R90.00

Is the uniting of religion, science and politics under the umbrella of the New Age Movement a "positive" sign, signaling a new era of global consciousness and a new world order? Or is it a warning sign of the "End Times" and the coming "Anti-Christ"? Find out!

16 Evolution : Hoax of the Century? 48R90,00

Is evolution really a "fact" as we have been told for nearly a century and a half? Why then are leading scientists abandoning their beliefs in traditional evolution? This video reveals the answers!

17 Evolution : From Physics to Metaphysics 48R90,00

The foundation of all pagan religions rests on the theory of evolution. While creation is being banned from the classroom and labelled "religion", evolution disguised as "science" is gaining acceptance. Today's controversy is not about science versus science but faith versus faith.

18 Preview of the Anti-Christ 48R90.00

Today mankind is obsessed with a desire for a "new world order". The significance of this trend is analysed in light of recent prophetic events and compared with the horrors of former "would-be" anti-Christs and the political methods used in manipulating the masses.

19 Secrets of Mind Control 48R90.00

Brain washing ... Mind Control ... Thought reform: The ability to captivate and control the hearts and minds of men for one's own pleasure and purpose. What is the source of this heinous power and what are the dark secrets of cultic manipulation. Fascinating, intriguing, eye-opening!

20 The Latter Day Empire 48R90.00

Who was Joseph Smith? Who are the "Latter Day Saints?" What is the goal and purpose of the largest business corporation in the western U.S.? A revealing documentary on the history, methods and theology of Mormonism.

21 Joseph Smith's Temple of Doom 48R90,00

This explosive documentary takes you behind the closed doors of the impervious Mormon Temple to discover a host of bizarre and mysterious teachings involving magic clothing, baptism for the dead, multiple wives, blood oaths, blood atonement, spirit babies, celestial sex, secret rituals and mysterious occultic practices.

22 Religion vs Christianity 48R90,00

A dramatic comparison of the living relationship found in the Person of Jesus Christ with the "dead religions of dead men". Key world religions are analysed in light of historical and archeological evidence, claims of religious leaders and founders, and their ancient writings.

23 Doorways to Satan 48R90.00

75 years of Hollywood films, 50 years of TV and decades of recorded music have brought humanity to an insatiable lust for sex, violence, witchcraft, perversion and occultic mysteries. An eye opening documentary exposing society's bold and defiant march through the "Doorways to Satan".

24 No Second Chance 48R80.00

Is "safe sex" the answer to the growing AIDS crisis, or is it man's way around God's clear commands in Scripture? A MUST for every teenager, this video clearly observes that the forgotten tenet of "abstinence until marriage" is the only way.

3) GOD'S STORY ON THE WEB! -- The God's Story Project translates and distributes the Bible video, _God's Story: From Creation to Eternity_. This evangelistic 80-minute overview of the Bible, Genesis to Revelation, uses the chronological storytelling format to present Jesus as the Savior promised by God. The "world view" incorporated in this video results in a powerful film which both delivers the Gospel and has a continuing purpose as a discipleship tool. God's Story unique design (of having the narration on one track and the visuals, music and special sound effects on the second track) makes it extremely cost effective to translate into other languages.

http://www.gods-story.org has audio stream of God's Story in some of the languages, offers details on the video's impact and lists the multiple languages already available and how to get them. Ministries may obtain many of the foreign-translation masters of God's Story for unlimited outreach in non-commercial areas for $2,500. If a master is not available in a specific language, some individuals or ministries may have the expertise to assist Jeremiah in either the translation of a script or foreign narration, or both. In these cases, cost to the ministry can be dropped to as low as $1,400 for a finished master. For more info. contact project the director <damiller@proinet.net>.

Jesus Film Project

Jesus Film Project
PO Box 7690
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-7690
(714) 495-7383
orders: (800) 432-1997
http://www.jesusfilm.org The Jesus video in more than 500 languages. The Jesus film can now be downloaded from the Internet -- perhaps the first feature-length film ever available this way. I have mentioned before how creative Campus Crusade for Christ is in their use of the Web. Now, they're taking things one step further: If you have a browser with the RealVideo plugin, you can now watch the entire "Jesus" film online at: http://www.jesusfilm.org/realvideo/ Not only that, but you can watch in your choice of twelve languages, with more language soundtracks being added as they are completed.

The Jesus video is now in DVD with about 8 languages on one disc Jesus Jesus Jesus

Christian groups are working together to respond to people who ask to know more about Jesus Christ after watching a Christmas Day television show. The programme, called "Millennial Tribute to Jesus," is a special edition of the "Jesus" film, a full-length movie depicting the life of Christ. It was developed by Campus Crusade for Christ. The programme was broadcast at Christmas in at least 30 languages to a potential audience of 500 million people in more than 100 countries, Campus Crusade reported. More broadcasts are being planned. In addition to the "Jesus" film, the programme features comments on the life, character and influence of Jesus made by 36 world leaders, celebrities and athletes from various faiths. (HCJB World News, January 4, 2000)

Global Glimpse: Children are the focus of a new video being produced by the Jesus Film Project. Director of the Jesus Film Project, Paul Eshleman, says this is one of their top three projects for the year. "In February we will be releasing the new story of Jesus for children. It's the adaptation of the Jesus Film. We went back and recreated sets just like they looked in the original film and we followed six children from ages six to 12 through the story as they watched Jesus feed the 5,000 and raise the daughter of Jirus from the dead." It will be released in English first and then translated into other languages next year. The Jesus Film has been one of the most successful tools for evangelism ever.
Source: Mission Network News, Jan 17, 2000,
Singapore children were deeply touched as they watched the children's edition of the Jesus video. Many were amazed to learn that children could pray to God. At the end of the message, thirty out of forty children raised their hands to say they would like to know Jesus. The children were attending "Kids Plus," an evangelistic Bible class run by a church in Singapore. For the last year, Operation Mobilisation has been helping the church to reach out to the local children. Jennifer, from OM Singapore, has been teaching the children stories from the Bible and with Easter approaching, it seemed a wonderful opportunity to invite the children to respond. (Operation Mobilisation, May 16, 2000)

The Jesus Film has been put in a form that is relevant to children and it was premiered in Hollywood on Saturday, May 27. The audience included key leaders from children's ministries who aim to use the film to reach a "lost and abused generation in pain." Paul Eshleman, director of The Jesus Film Project, explained in an interview, "This new film is the story of Jesus taken from the original Jesus Film and told from the perspective of six children who lived during that time." When asked why he felt the film was so important, he replied, "Jesus made a point while He was on earth to show how much he cared for children. So it is very important for us to make a statement to the world that we are interested in the children, just as Jesus was." Dan Wooding of Assist Communications provides some background to the new film in a recent press release (June 3, 2000). If you'd like a copy, let me know <BobHall@cmd.org.nz>.

The Jesus Film has been a powerful evangelistic tool since its initial appearance in US theatres in 1979. Translated into nearly 650 languages, over four billion people worldwide have seen the film - most of them in their native language. Now, Jesus Film news updates, detailing the success of the Jesus film project throughout the world, are available online in a format especially designed for radio broadcast. If you work in broadcast media and are interested in regularly updated, radio-friendly news clips, sign up at the Jesus Film Broadcast Media site to gain access to these regular updates (see above). Non-media persons are also welcome to subscribe!

Jewish Jewels

Jewish Jewels
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
(television ministry on Jewish themes)

Jerry Johnston Association

Jerry Johnston Association
First Family Church
PO Box 12193
Overland Park, Kansas 66282-9716

First Family Church Office
Fax Line: 913-451-0475

It has an evangelistic ministry mainly to high school students, has videos on satanism, premarital sex and other issues for high school youth, also now has videos from his church services.
Highly recommended.

Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University
South Carolina 29614

Videos for homeschoolers and Biblical topics seen on Sky Angel www.skyangel.com

Judgement House(TM)

Judgement House(TM)
New Creation Evangelism, Inc. announces its Judgement House(TM) Regional Training Schedule for 2000. Judgement House(TM) is a cutting-edge, walk-through drama emphasizing the power of choice. It confronts the audience with the consequences of rejecting Jesus Christ and the benefits of accepting Him. Learn how to use volunteers to present this powerful evangelism tool to reach your community. See scenes from one of the Judgement House(TM) scripts, request a free promotional video, and access conference dates and locations at the Judgement House(TM) Web site. Judgement House(TM): http://judgementhouse.org

Just the Facts

Just the Facts
PO Box 2000
Goodyear, Arizona 85338 USA

(seen on Sky Angel)
www.northquest.com ?

Ken Anderson Films/Intercomm

Ken Anderson Films/Intercomm
1520 E. Winona Ave.
Warsaw, Indiana 46580 USA

ph: (219) 267-5834
fax: (219) 267-5876

English PAL and NTSC producer
Many videos
Has a nice catalog

D James Kennedy

D James Kennedy
Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Videos on his preaching and also Center for Reclaiming America- an organization involved in moral issues

The King is Coming

The King is Coming
Dave Breece
PO Box 907
Colton, CA 92324

Videos on prophecy subjects - has a television program seen on a few different Christian television networks

Brian Kluth


"Seek first God's Kingdom" Matthew 6:33
Brian Kluth's public preaching, leadership training, writing and media ministry is dedicated to advancing Biblical faith, Christian generosity & financial freedom.

Brian Kluth's 1 Hour Video Tape on "Church Financial & Funding Trends" This is a great teaching and discussion tool to use for church boards, finance committees or stewardship committees. $24

Brian Kluth's 1 Hour Video Tape on: "How to Conduct a Debt-Free Building Campaign": This is an excellent tool if you are planning a building or renovation project within the next 1-2 years. Use with your church board, building committee, finance or stewardship committee. Learn how to save (with the Lord's help) hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars! $24

Lakewood Church

Lakewood Church
Oasis of Love
Pastor John Osteen
PO Box
Houston, Texas

(Death and Beyond)

Latin America Mission

Latin America Mission
Kenneth D. MacHarg
Missionary Journalist
P.O. Box 52-7900
Miami, FL 33152
Phone: 305-884-8400, ext. 11
Fax: 305-885-8649
Toll free: 1-800-275-8410
Web site: www.lam.org

WALKING WITH JESUS $10.00 An introduction to the ministry of the Latin America Mission, where it came from what it does, where it is going.

SHARING CHRIST IN MEXICO, ISAIS, Juan and Liz Isais. $10.00 A look into the ministries of Juan and Liz Isais. From Evangelism Explosion to Media through magazine and newspaper.

GO THEREFORE- Palumbo, Mike and Tami $10.00
Church planting in Mexico City. See the fruit of this family's service to God over the years. Watch how the relationships they have built have created continued growth in this fellowship.

THE VALLEY OF CHALCO- Meyerend, Rebekah $10.00
Rebekah's love for children has led her to the Valley of Chalco and a humble church on the outskirts of the largest city in the world. She works tirelessly with the children in schooling, Bible clubs, and activities. The kids know it and are changed.

An overview of the conference of the same name. Featuring networking in the area of children at risk ministries.

ESEPA - School of Pastoral Studies $10.00
Theological education for national pastors and teachers.

VIVANCO, Manuel and Laura $10.00
Church planting on the outskirts of Mexico City.

Zola Levitt Ministries

Zola Levitt Ministries
Box 12268
Dallas, TX 75225-0268 USA
(television ministry on Jewish themes)
Has a nice video and book catalog.

Liberty Alliance

Liberty Alliance
P.O. Box 6004
Forest, Virginia 24551

"Almost Born: The shocking truth about partial-birth abortion"

Link Video Ltd.

Link Video Ltd.
P.O. Box 0484, Osu
Accra, Ghana

(English PAL)

Love Worth Finding Ministries

Love Worth Finding Ministries
P.O. Box 38300
Memphis, TN 38183 USA
1 (800) 274-5683
1 (800) 647-9400
FAX (901) 388-8346
(Adrian Rogers ministry-many teaching/preaching videos)
"The Living Christmas Tree"
"The Memphis Passion Play"

Mark Lowry Productions, Inc.

Mark Lowry Productions, Inc.
(615) 826-4005
videos from one of the best Christian comedians
Remotely Controlled Video
Mouth In Motion Video
The Last Word Video
My First Comedy Video

Lumen Productions

Lumen Productions
PO Box 595
Cupertino, CA 95015

Phone 800-228-7412
Fax 408-281-7299
Producers of Catholicism: Crisis of Faith

Lutheran Bible Translators

Passports video series
This monthly series highlights projects of
Lutheran Bible Translators
303 N. Lake St.
Box 2050
Aurora, IL 60507-2050
A four-level multimedia Bible-content series is also available.

Call (800)532-4253

Lutheran Hour Ministries

Lutheran Hour Ministries
Ethnic Min.
Susan Denman
2185 Hampton Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63139 USA

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