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MacGregor Ministries

MacGregor Ministries
Box 454 Metaline Falls WA 99153
Box 294 Nelson B.C. V1L 5P9
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They have a video on the Seventh Day Adventists (presented as a false doctrine)
It is one of the best locations to buy videos on false doctrines, has videos on a few different false doctrines and cults.

Marriage Alive

Marriage Alive

Videos on marriage

Marriage and Family Magazine

Marriage and Family Magazine
Jimmy Evans

(videos on how to have a successful marriage and family)

Mars Hill Productions

Mars Hill Productions
Brenda Bowman
4711 Lexington Bvld
Missouri City, TX 77459
(281)403-4463 fax

Mars Hill Productions has produced the following videos:

Missions videos:

Finish the Job - English
The Call -English
Generation (5-part series) - English; parts 1&2 in Ukrainian

Evangelistic movies:
Moment of Truth - English; German; Portuguese(COMEV); Ukrainian ; Russian Future Tense - English;Spanish/Tiempo Futuro; German; Portuguese(COMEV);French
Without Reservation - Portuguese(COMEV)

Teaching series on identity in Christ - The Life (6-parts video or audio)

Issue-oriented dramas: discussion starters to prep for evangelism

One in a Million (sanctity of life)
Angel of Light (new age deception)
The Question (suicide)

Mars-Hill Productions (M-HP), whose mission is "to use media to draw people to Jesus Christ," is an award-winning organization providing videos for evangelism purposes, many in a personal ministry context. M-HP's films, used in over 80 countries, include "Generation," "Moment of Truth," "Without Reservation" and also "Future Tense," (available in five languages). Check the M-HP site to learn about its newest project, "The Hope," which will present the redemptive story from Genesis to Revelation and also provide discipleship tools for Christians. Get ordering info and discounted prices for all of M-HP's current videos from GospelDirect, Gospel Communications International's online video store.

Mars-Hill Productions: http://www.mars-hill-media.org
GospelDirect: http://www.1800GospelDirect.com/

Master Books

Master Books
PO Box 727
Green Forest, Arkansas 72638

It has an excellent catalog of creation videos.

Josh McDowell Ministry

Josh McDowell Ministry
A Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ
Box 1330
Wheaton, IL 60189 USA

Videos on apologetics and outreach to teenagers including problems with sex, etc... has a nice catalog.

Midnight Cry Ministries

Midnight Cry Ministries
PO Box 685
Southern Pines, North Carolina 28388

Videos on prophecy and the end times

*299 Christ's Greatest Enemy, Part 1
*301 Christ's Greatest Enemy, Part 2
*303 Where Are We Prophetically?, 1
*304 Where Are We Prophetically?, 2
*305 Where Are We Prophetically?, 3
*306 Where Are We Prophetically?, 4
*308 Where Are We Prophetically?, 5
*309 Where Are We Prophetically?, 6
*310 Where Are We Prophetically?, 7
*311 Where Are We Prophetically?, 8
*312 Where Are We Prophetically?, 9
*313 Where Are We Prophetically?, 10
*314 Destruction of the Earth
*315 The Days of Noah #2
*316 Overcomers
*317 An Open Door
*318 The Rapture-Millenium Lie
*319 Grievous Wolves
*320 The Shepherd, Sheep and the Hireling
*321 Without the Camp
*322 Four Kinds of Faith
*323 The First Born
*324 Compelling Time
*325 Do You Know You Are Saved?
*326 Are You Spoiled?
*327 Demons
*328 Christ The Firstborn
*329 Testimony Night
*330 Living Water
*331 Loaves and Fishes
*332 Baptism
*333 God's Calling
*334 Separation From Babylon
*335 Job's Hedge
*336 Signs Follow Them That Believe
*337 The Sovereignty of God
*338 The Gospel of Jesus Christ
*339 Praise and Worship
*340 The Anointing
*341 The Anointing 2
*342 The Midnight Cry
*343 Spiritual Birth
*344 Do You Know His Servant?
*345 Is Your Gospel Perverted? I
*346 Is Your Gospel Perverted? II
*347 The Body of Christ
*348 No Second Chance
*349 His Rest
*350 More Than Conquerors
*351 The Midnight Cry
*352 Are you a Ruth, Naomi, or an Orpah?
*353 The End
*354 Have You Been Perfected?
*355 Three Types of Men
*356 Living By The Word
*357 Not Flesh and Blood
*358 Take His Yoke
*359 The Closing of the Door
*360 Marriage
*361 When I See The Blood
*362 Transformation
*363 Cure For Sin
*364 The New Covenant
*365 The Seed of Christ
*366 From the Pit to the Throne I
*367 From the Pit to the Throne II
*368 From the Pit to the Throne III
*369 From the Pit to the Throne IV
*370 Have you Eaten or Tasted?
*371 The Signs of the End, 1
*372 The Signs of the End, 2
*373 The Evil Day, 1
*374 The Evil Day, 2
*375 The Power of Unity
*376 Tempted by the Devil
*377 Seven Women
*378 The Fear of the Lord
*379 Incorruptible Seed
*380 The Fight of Faith
*381 Are You in Prison?
*382 Temptation
*383 Earth's Greatest Deception
*384 Saved, Spoiled or Deluded
*385 Religious But Lost
*386 Where is Your Faith?
*387 The Revelation of Jesus Christ
*388 The Remnant
*389 God's Last Call
*390 The Time of the End
*391 Exhortation to Young People
*392 The First Born
*393 Eternal Life
*394 Stone Casting
*395 Deceiving and Being Deceived
*396 The Mystery of God
*397 First Born Among Many
*398 Purpose of Trials
*399 Complete in Him
*400 Why Men Fall Away
*401 The Incorruptible Seed
*402 The Two Rests
*403 The Great Tribulation
*404 Judgment
*405 Apostolic Baptism
*406 Man of Faith
*407 The Lamb of God
*408 Walking in the Light
*409 The Secret of the Lord
*410 With All Thine Heart
*411 Hypocrite in the Church
*412 Does Jesus See Your Faith?
*413 Can Your Faith Be Seen?
*414 Where is Your Faith Standing?
*415 Many Ministers Testify
*416 Are You Married?
*417 God's Presence
*418 Wiles of the Devil
*419 Perfect Righteousness
*420 Revelation of Jesus Christ
*421 The House of God
*422 Harlot Religion
*423 Wide Spectrum
*424 The Shepherd and His Sheep
*425 Without the Camp
*426 How Near Are We?
*427 As a Thief in the Night
*428 Time of the End
*429 Saving Faith or Perdition
*430 What about the Tribulation?
*431 Our Father Abraham
*432 Mystery of Christ
*433 Family Of God Part 1 The Father
*434 Family Of God Part 2 The Son
*435 Family Of God Part 3 Many Brethren
*436 Signs Of The Midnight Hour
*437 Varied States Of Man
*438 Examine Yourself
*439 True Worshippers
*440 As A Snare
*441 The Fear Of God
*442 Eternal Life Or Religion
*443 Many Sons
*444 Living Water
*445 Power Of Unity
*446 More Than One Son
*447 Harden Not Your Heart
*448 The Great Deception
*449 True Apostolic Baptism
*450 Satanic Delusion
*451 Transformed or Conformed
*452 The Last Trump
*453 The Last Generation
*454 The Great Seal of God
*455 Pharoah's Daughter's Children
*456 Those Who Fall Back
*457 For the Young People
*458 Pure in Their Own Eyes
*459 Learning His Ways
*460 Are You Being Tried?
*461 The Church
*462 What Are You Living For?
*463 Michael Doyle's Testimony
*464 How To Be Saved
*465 The Climax of the Ages
*466 Cornelius
*467 Can a Saved Person Ever Be Lost?
*468 Can a Saved Person Ever Be Lost? Part 2
*469 Unity Of The Spirit
*470 Testimonies (Ruth Campbell & Others)
*471 The Anointing Vs Respectability
*472 John Pappy (Report from India)
*473 Confession of a Murderer
*474 Teaching on Marriage
*475 A Very Small Remnant
*476 The Lord's Money
*477 The New Birth
*478 The Wise and the Foolish
*479 How Near Are We? No 2
*480 Who is a Jew?
*481 Saved or Reprobate?
*482 The Seventh Trump
*483 Do You Have Devils?
*484 Baptised Unto What?
*485 The Godly and the Unjust
*486 Is The Door Closed?
*487 Dwight Rhodes & Tithes
*488 Perfected Forever!
*489 God's Incorruptible Seed
*490 Earth's Greatest Court
*491 The Evil Day
*492 Spirit of Truth
*493 Earth's Most Evil Day
*494 Significance of Christ's Return
*495 Oppression of the Devil
*496 Tables of Vomit
*497 Christ's Rest
*498 The Anger of the Lord
*499 Can You Know You Are Saved?
*500 The True Seed of Abraham
*501 Outreach Update/Body Ministry
*502 God's Greatness
*503 Your Trial
*504 How God Teaches Us
*505 Importance of Faith
*506 Why We Must Be Born Again
*507 God's Last Trumpet
*508 Where Is Your Heart?
*509 Those Who Draw Back
*510 Sex
*511 How Important is Faith?
*512 Presence of God
*513 Two Ways
*514 Naaman's Leprosy
*515 The Light of God
*516 One Sacrifice
*517 Lost or Spoiled

New Tapes

*518 Later Than You Think
*519 Sent By Whom?
*520 Now is the Acceptable Time
*521 Sons of God, Daughters of Men
*522 Exploitation of Sex
*523 More Precious Than Gold
*524 The Residue
*525 This Generation
*526 Our Greatest Rest
*527 Praise
*528 Body Ministry
*529 Ordained by Whom?
*530 Day of Strong Delusion *531 Two Sources of Wisom
*532 The Flood
*533 Hidden Sin
*534 Midnight Cry
*535 Is The End Near?
*537 The Gospel
*538 God's Saving Faith
*539 His Sheep
*540 The Word
*541 The Wages of Sin

Mission Bridge

Mission Bridge
Chris Stanton
Los Angeles, California area
Mission Bridge has arranged a 13 week video curriculum with study guide that helps to motivate and prepare prospects for missions. The course is based upon the teachings of the best YWAM leaders. Contact Chris Stanton at 818/899-4289 (Los Angeles area). I have used the materials in two classes and am very pleased with them.

Mission ONE

Mission ONE
Werner Mischke
toll-free: 877-649-5866

What is The Story above all stories, and what is your Destiny in The Story?" Operation WorldView is a dynamic 6-hour multimedia missions event to mobilize your local church, presented by Mission ONE. Four components are centered around the glory of God: Biblical, Historical, Cultural, Strategic -- like the Perspectives Course. It's deep, beautiful, delightful!

Moody Institute of Science

Moody Institute of Science
820 N. La Salle Drive
Chicago, IL 60610 USA
tel: (312) 329-2190 (800) 842-1223
fax: (312) 329-4350 (800) 647-6910

Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel
Attn: Bill Converse
PO Box 331
11681 Riverbend Dr.
Cashmere, WA 98815 USA
ph: (800) 272-2442
ph: (509) 548-6472
fax: (509) 548-6585

Videos at special prices for missionaries only

Multi-Language Media

Multi-Language Media
P.O. Box 301
Ephrata, PA 17522 USA
(717) 738-0582
e-mail: mlminfo@multilanguage.com
has an excellent resource catalog for books, pamphlets, audio cassettes (teaching and music), Bibles, the Bible on CD, Bible studies and language learning in many languages of the world

M V P Productions

M V P Productions
P O Box 4126
Rockford, IL 61110
(815) 877-1514
Email Mander8813@aol.com

"Tracy's Choices"
Produced For Teenagers With A Message For All Of Us

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