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National Prayer Network Videos

National Prayer Network Videos
United Kingdom

Nest Videos

Nest Videos
423 East Main Street
Van Wert, Ohio 45891
(419) 238-6416

Send comments to comments@childrensmall.com
I have heard that these are some of the best animated Christian videos by an ex Disney animator

New Life Gospel Films

New Life Gospel Films
Peter Hargreaves
20 Keystone Ave
Mt. Roskill, Auckland
New Zealand
Fax 011-649-877-5445

New Life Publications

New Life Publications
P.O. Box 593684
Orlando, FL 32859-3684 USA
fax: (407) 826-2149
ph: 1-800-235-7255

They have some of Campus Crusade for Christ's videos including Bill Bright's Witnessing Without Fear

New Life Resources

New Life Resources
Campus Crusade For Christ
Box 300
Vancouver, BC V6C 2X3
Tel: (604) 514-2000
Fax: (604) 514-2011
E-Mail: orders@ccc-van.crusade.org

Canadian orders only for the "Jesus"video and other videos

New Parable Films

New Parable Films
3983 North Huntington Street
Medina, Ohio 44256
John Martin

My name is John Martin, I am a Christian filmmaker. I have been making Christian films since 1980. I presently make what I call video-tracts. They are short, 15-20 minute dramatic presentations of the gospel message, followed by an on screen alter call and challenge to the viewer by myself. They are on VHS video.

I offer them basically, for the cost to cover duplicating a copy, approximately $3.00 plus shipping ($3.50). I would need a SASE sent to me and I will send anyone who writes a list of the available tapes. This list includes a picture of the box art and a short synopsis of each video. I have re-edited my older work and am now trying to get them distributed to a lost world. They are very inexpensive, and could possibly reach someone who would not normally read a tract, but would watch a short video.

A recent article about my films and myself can be seen at www.connectionmagazine.org Go to archives, then June 2000. Look under "Medina man makes movies."

New Tribes Mission

New Tribes Mission
1000 East First
St., Sanford, FL 32771
Phone: 1-800-321-5375

VIDEO: The Taliabo Story`
Hidden on a remote island of Indonesia, the Taliabo people lived in constant fear. For generations they searched for the key to eternal life, which they believed their ancestors took with them then they "left" the island. Although the Taliabo searched in earnest, they were always defeated by the thing they feared most--death. This is the story of their search, and how they finally found the key to everlasting life. 35 minutes. Available for $20 + S&H

Videos available
Order toll free: Call 800-321-5375 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

If you have any questions, call our toll-free number, or e-mail the Bookstore.

Building on Firm Foundations Seminar by Trevor McIlwain
Trevor explains the biblical and practical basis for the chronological approach to evangelism. Nine sessions (more than 6 hours of teaching), available on four VHS videocassettes or five audio cassettes.

Videos available from Destination SUMMIT
All are available in VHS and PAL formats. These links will take you to the Destination SUMMIT web site.

The Taliabo Story
The Taliabo people search for eternal life.

Delivered from the Power of Darkness
An account of God's victory over demonic forces.

The Mouk tribe responds dramatically to the Gospel.

Ee-taow! The Next Chapter
The Mouk prove to be a people who take their faith seriously.

When Things Seem Impossible
A true story of fear, despair, and the power of God.

Now We See Clearly
A new approach to teaching cleared the Puinave's confusion.

To be a Part
Go with a SUMMIT team to the remote Yanomamo tribe.

The Emmaus Road Connection
A two-part video presenting the chronological approach to evangelism of Muslims. Part 1 (55 minutes) is an introduction to the approach and how it was used; Part 2 (45 minutes) is particular application to the Muslim view. Available in VHS and PAL format.

Nexus Media International


A Story That Grows To Order Now!
This series was created to teach our youth more about the life and times of Jesus Christ. A Story That Grows is a wonderful new program designed especially for elementary school children, and can be used in the home or in conjunction with any existing Sunday School or Bible School curriculum. The most fascinating element of this series is the fact that all of the animation is shown as it is actually being drawn upon the screen! When the artist completes each story segment, the photograph is then colorized and the story instantly comes to life before your child's eyes! Price: $14.95 each or $25.95 for the two tape set.

Reality: The Prelude to an Answer To Order Now!
"What is truth?" The judge asked. And he nailed the answer to the cross of reality. These words begin twelve fascinating episodes of the Reality video series. This program explores the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we have about God and our day-to-day lives. Among these are questions such as, "Who is God? What is the meaning of life? Is there an ultimate truth and if so, can it be known? Reality was created for those seeking answers, but it can also prove very helpful for students and scholars faced with questions and challenges posed to Christianity by our postmodern times. Reality was recently featured in a wonderful review in Christian Computing Magazine! Pricing: $19.95 each or $54.95 for the 4 tape set - Four pack CD-ROM: $99.95 Workbook: $24.95 . Total Reality Package: $149.95

Goldilocks & The Three Bears To Order Now!
Young and lovely Hannah Hall (of Forrest Gump) stars as Gabriella "Goldie" Lockner in this enchanting, touching, and fun-filled adventure based on the fairytale of the same name. This lovely family film is narrated by an endearing "talking" raccoon named Tobias, and includes many other animated and talking forest animals much like those seen in the hit film, "Babe." Goldilocks & The Three Bears has recently been awarded the Dove Foundation Seal of Approval, and has also been approved by Kids First, The Coalition for Quality Children's Media. Price: $19.95

Con Quien Te Vas? (With Whom Are You Going?) Order Now!
If power and money alone could bring happiness, the Davila family would be one of the happiest families on earth. But prosperity and success in business have made Sergio and Rina Davila anything but happy. On the brink of divorce, they have nothing left in common except for their five children, and one of them isn't giving up. With an undying love for his family, Brenton, the youngest son, utters a simple, yet heart-felt prayer that sets in motion a series of extraordinary life-changing events reaching around the globe. Does God answer the prayers of a small child? Or is life just a series of random coincidences? Price: $19.95

China Cry To Order Now!
China Cry is the moving story of two people who come in conflict with an extremely oppressive state. This extraordinary film is set in China some thirty-seven years before the recent bloody events of Tian An Men Square. It is the true story of Sung Neng Yee, now known as Nora Lam who escaped from communist China to Hong Kong and now lives in the United States. China Cry is Lam's gripping story of love, struggle, and flight to freedom. Price: $19.95

An Empire Conquered To Order Now!
True stories from the early Church hosted by Joseph Campanella! An Empire Conquered is a moving docu-drama filmed on location in the eternal city of Rome. This film brings to life the intriguing days of early Rome, when the power of Pax Roma was unchangeable throughout the Western World. In the three hundred years which followed the reign of the all-powerful Octavian Agustus, who died in 14 AD, Rome was torn apart by a controversial religion known as Christianity. Price: $19.95

New Tribes Mission

New Tribes Mission
Phone: 1-519-369-2622.
Fax: 1-519-369-5828.

North American Mission Board

North American Mission Board, SCBC
Interfaith Witness Department
4200 North Point Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30022-4176
1-800-634-2462 for orders

Excellent Mormon video called "The Mormon Dilemna" done by an ex high level Mormon, call to see what else they have

Oasis Tradepost


Old Time Gospel Hour

Thomas Road Baptist Church
Jerry Falwell
Lynchburg, Virginia 24514


Preaching videos by Jerry Falwell, might have videos on other topics such as abortion, politics, etc..

Olive Tree Ministries

Olive Tree Ministries
Jan Markell
Box 1452
Maple Grove, MN 55311

Videos by a minsty interested in outreach to Jewish people
"The New Age Rage"
"Apocalypse Countdown: Are We In the Last Generation?"

On Time Film and Video

10466 Plano Rd.
Dallas, Texas 75238 USA
(214) 340-2579

Phone orders call

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    Operation Mobilization

    Operation Mobilization
    PO Box 444
    Tyrone, Georgia 30290-0444

    OM India's Good Shepherd Ministry: "Glimmer of Hope"

    Ormond Films

    Ormond Films
    2925 Sharon Hills Circle
    Nashville, Tn 37215 USA

    Overseas Missionary Fellowship

    Overseas Missionary Fellowship
    (800-422-5330 or 303-730-4160
    BUDDHISM: OMF's video "One Billion Wait"
    They also have videos on Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism

    Passport Video

    Passport Video
    Back to the Bible
    Box 82808
    Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
    Phone: 402-464-7200
    1-800-759-2425 (orders)


    Estus Pirkle

    Estus Pirkle
    PO Box 80
    Myrtle, Miss 38650 USA
    (601) 988-2219
    "The Burning Hell" in 16mm
    Spanish, English, Portuguese

    Has some other films in 16mm including The Believer's Heaven
    The Burning Hell is one of the best evangelistic films in English, Spanish
    and Portuguese
    Many thousands of people have been saved in Spanish speaking countries
    through this film

    The Power of Praise

    The Power of Praise
    Angela Courte
    PO Box 555555
    Orlando, Florida 32855

    Angela Course sings with others on these videos

    Pray USA!

    Pray USA!
    P.O. Box 593684
    Orlando, Florida 32859-3684
    "Pray USA! '98 Video"

    Progressive Vision

    Progressive Vision
    Marcus Vegh
    26072 Merit Circle #122
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653

    (949) 582-8600 x100
    (949) 582-8608 FAX

    Welcome to Progressive Vision - the international, multi-linguil Biblically based curriculum library. Progressive Vision offers a wide variety of topics - from Theology to Compassion Ministries, Freedom From Addiction to Natural Resource Management - to educate people all over the world. Using cutting edge technology to deliver the information, Progressive Vision strives to be the most effective, most comprehensive resource available today.

    Find out how we work and discover how you can be a part of one of the most effective Christian ministries in the world.

    Prophecy in the News

    Prophecy in the News
    JR Church
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
    "Yeshua is My Name"

    Purple Pomegranate Productions

    Purple Pomegranate Productions
    60 Haight St.
    San Francisco, CA, 94102-5895
    ph: 415-864-3900
    fax: 415-864-3995

    Click any image or link on the web site for full description and a larger
    picture. Items
    can be ordered from either this page or the description page.

    Israel--God's Chosen Land
    Israel--God's Chosen Land (Spanish)
    Israel--God's Chosen People
    Israel--God's Chosen People (Spanish)
    Ready to Rebuild
    Pressing On--Travels With the Apostle Paul
    Secrets of the Scrolls
    St. John in Exile
    The Indestructible Book

    Quick Study

    Quick Study
    PO Box 2000
    Goodyear, Arizona 85338
    (television ministry of Rod and Ron Hembree seen on Sky Angel)
    (excellent teaching ministry-fast moving to keep people interested)


    RBC Ministries: http://www.gospelcom.net/rbc
    RBC Ministries (formerly Radio Bible Class) presents a variety of resources, media presentations, sports info and news. Visit Discovery House Publishers at this site for books, music and videos.

    Radio Bible Hour Inc.

    Radio Bible Hour Inc.
    P.O. Box 99
    Newport, Tennessee 37821.
    J Harold Smith


    VHS Video Cassettes
    The following Video Cassettes by J. Harold Smith are available in VHS only and may be ordered by writing to the Available for a gift of $25.00 each. SRVIDEO1 God's Three Deadlines (90 Minutes)

    Available for a gift of $30.00 each

    SRVIDEO2 What do You Think? (45 minutes)
    SRVIDEO3 Asleep In The Devil's Crib (45 minutes)
    SRVIDEO4 A Sick Church (45 Minutes)
    SRVIDEO5 Wearing The Clothes Of Christ, But Lost (45 Minutes)

    Rainbow Film Ministries

    Rainbow Film Ministries
    P.O. Box 70192
    Houston, Texas 77270 USA
    (713) 861-1390
    Richard is a good person to call for advice on the right video to choose as he has a lot of experience. He also rents Christian films.

    Reachout Trust

    Reachout Trust
    Doug Harris
    24 Ormond Rd.
    Richmond Surrey
    TW 6TH England
    Phone 011-0181-332-7785
    Fax 011-0181-332-0286

    Reedy Falls

    Reedy Falls
    email: sneill@infoave.net
    1-800-479-FALL (3255)

    Sells and rents videos - rents 16mm films - has a large list on web site

    Reel to Real Ministries

    Reel to Real Ministries
    1909 Fox Quarry
    Cantonment, FL 32533


    Hell's Bells, Hell's Bells 2
    videos on whats wrong with rock music and heavy metal rock music

    Revival Video-Tract

    Revival Video-Tract
    PO Box 42905
    Nairobi, Kenya
    (English PAL)

    Bill Rice Ranch Films

    Bill Rice Ranch Films
    Rt 2 Franklin Rd.
    Murfreesboro, TN 37130

    "Who can Forgive Sin"
    (others available)
    (video ministry for deaf people)

    Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises

    Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises
    PO Box 1177
    Corpus Christi, TX 78403
    1 (800) 772-7507

    Videos Available From The Roloff Ministries

    Dr Law And Dr. Grace
    Freedom's Last Call
    Jubalee 50
    With Dr. Bob Shelton

    Sid Roth

    Sid Roth
    It's Supernatural

    Videos of Jews and Gentile's testimonies on how they got saved

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