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Samaritan's Purse

Samaritan's Purse
P.O. Box 3000
Boone, NC 28607
phone: (828) 262-1980
fax: (828) 266-1053
e-mail: usa@samaritan.org

Video on India - check for more titles
We do have a video describing the varies work of this ministry. This video is called, Answering the Call. If you would like to receive a copy of this video, please send us your mailing address. Thank you once again. May the Lord bless you.

The Sentinel Group

The Sentinel Group
P.O. Box 6334
Lynnwood, WA 98036
PHONE: 1-800-668-5657
or 425-672-2989
EMAIL: info@sentinelgroup.org

An amazing video that shows communities transformed by the gospel This video is available for purchase at the Brownbag lunch What do Almolonga, Guatemala; Cali, Colombia; Hemet, California; and Kiambu, Kenya have in common? They are all communities in which God is bringing about amazing transformation--as a result of fervent, persistent prayer. Almolonga used to be a community devastated by alcoholism, high unemployment, and crime. Now this city of 20,000 is 80 percent Christian, is the breadbasket of the country, and has no jails. The church in Cali comes together quarterly for all-night prayer sessions, asking God to pour out His Spirit on its community. More than 60,000 believers from 200 plus churches gather in the city's soccer stadium for these sessions. Cali still possesses problems, but since these events began, the notorious drug cartels have disappeared, and churches are experiencing tremendous growth. Hemet has seen its drug trafficking and gang problems diminish substantially since their prayer efforts began. And Kiambu, a city of 60,000, which was steeped in witchcraft, has experienced church growth in the wake of prayer--significant in an area where no church has ever grown beyond 30 or 40 believers. The story of these communities is documented on Transformation, a video produced by George Otis Jr. and The Sentinel Group, We recommend the video to show churches and communities that God does indeed move when they pray. At a recent viewing during a City Transformation Conference in Woodbridge, Virginia, this June, when the credits started, the entire 500 plus audience leaped to their feet in praise--not for the video, but in genuine praise for what God has done. This applause lasted for more than five minutes. Pray! highly recommends this video for churches, small groups, and community gatherings. To purchase Transformation, call (800) 668-5657; or send $29.95 ($24.95 plus $5.00 shipping/handling).

Showforth Videos

Showforth Videos
Showforth Videos
1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, South Carolina 29614


www.bjup. com

(call for mini-catalog)
Some of their videos are "Sheffey, The Printing, Flame in the Wind, Showforth Videos is part of Bob Jones Universitey. Bob Jones University produces homeschool and University level Christian educational programs.

Silent Work Ministry

Silent Work Ministry
PO Box 889
Trenton, GA 30752


videos for the deaf or deaf ministry

Following Jesus
Fantastic Saturday
Music for the Deaf
You Must Choose
Sign Language for Everyone
When Silence Speaks
Ronnie Rice Preaching:
"The Deaf Can Be Strong"
plus seven other videos
Ted Camp Preaching:
"After you are Saved"
"God's Last Jugdement"
plus seven other videos


P.O. Box 7900
Charlotte, NC 28241
Phone: (800)521-6449

Heartbeat for the World

Beyond These Shores - Niger
Beyond These Shores - India
Beyond the Vision
Who Sends Them?
Jesus Commands UsSIM Schools for Missionary Children
Showing that we care
The Adventures of Rickachee
What are you going to do?
An SIM Perspective on Urbana 96

Sitara Inc

Sitara Inc
PO Box 6891
Anna Nagar, Madras 600 040
(English PAL)

Southern Stage

Southern Stage
Southern Gospel Music Videos
Kirk Talley and others

SP Media at STL

SP Media at STL
P O Box 300
Kingston Broadway
Telephone +44 1228 512 512
Fax +44 1228 514 949
E-mail salesline@stl.org

"Spirit of the Game"

testimony video of football players

Storybook Video

SP Media at STL
99 McKinley Avenue
Hawthorne NJ 07506 USA
email: jimackert@aol.com
Working with Storybook Video, Jim Ackert is involved in the production and distribution of animated children's gospel videos in local dialects for use in local situations. Jim also produces promotional videos for non-profit organisations.

STV, Inc.

STV, Inc.
21417 Evalyn Ave.
Torrance, Ca 90503
Call (800) 288-0733
(310) 316-9200
(800) 928-6744
Fax (209) 383-7001

Hal Lindsey videos:
"Experience the 1st Easter!"
"Hal Lindsey tours the Holy Land"
"Discover God's Plans"
"Updated Late Great Planet Earth"

It's Supernatural!

It's Supernatural!
Sid Roth
Sid Roth's interviews Jewish and non-Jewish believers. (testimonies)
It is seen on Sky Angel. He sells the videos of the program.

Kirk Talley

Kirk Talley
PO BOX 6568
Knoxville TN 37914

Make checks out to Kirk Talley
Southern Gospel Music videos

Team Expansion

Team Expansion
(attn: PACE video)
3700 Hopewell Rd.
Louisville, KY 40299

NEW PACE VIDEO FOR $15 -- Are you on the edge of your seat wondering how the "PACE" concept is working out, nearly five years after it was first introduced at Envision '96 (a missions mobilization conference held in Lexington, Kentucky, Nov. 1st - 3rd, 1996)? Do you lie awake at night, tossing and turning, constantly asking yourself questions like, "I wonder if there are any churches actually using the PACE paradigm..." Are you curious as to what the acronym "PACE" even stands for (Hint: Pray, Activate, Commit, Enlist). Fret no more! Now you can order an 11-minute promotional video aimed at helping you remember those three nights in 1996 and how they are impacting the future of missions today. And now, for no extra charge, dubbed onto the same video, see an extra 11-minute video containing footage from last week's "PACE-Lab" in Louisville, Kentucky. So together, these 22 minutes of fast-paced, music-filled images will encourage your soul and broaden your hopes. (Okay... so maybe they won't do all *that*, but at least they'll fill you in on some positive points of using the PACE approach.) To order, send a check for $15 to Team Expansion (attn: PACE video), 3700 Hopewell Rd., Louisville, KY 40299 or use PayPal to send payment to info@TeamExpansion.org. You can also to the Team Expansion website at http://www.teamexpansion.org, click on "Resources", then click on the PayPal icon to transfer the $15 instantly and safely using your credit card or bank account. Just add a note to info@TeamExpansion.org that gives your shipping address.

Sammy Tippit

Sammy Tippit
P.O. Box 781767
San Antonio, TX 78278
Phone: 1-210-492-7501
Fax: 1-210-492-4522

Sammy Tippit, international evangelist, (God's Love in Action) has launched a project to spread the Gospel to unreached areas of the world, offering an evangelistic video or DVD to evangelists, church planters and missionaries worldwide. By the end of the year 2000, Sammy Tippit Ministries (STM) plans translations of evangelistic meetings into languages and specific cultural contexts in South America, the Middle East, East Africa and Eastern Europe. STM will provide several levels of technological help. Contact the STM offices <glia@glia.org> to obtain more information and/or a video of a Tippit evangelistic meeting in a specific region or language of the world. Or you can visit the web site above.

Total Marketing Services:

Truths that Transform

Truths that Transform
D James Kennedy
Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Videos on his preaching and also Center for Reclaiming America- an organization involved in moral issues.

"Who is this Jesus" - an excellent and popular documentary that was shown on secular television around April 2001.

Tyndale Christian Video

Tyndale Christian Video
336 Gunderson Drive
P.O. Box 80
Wheaton, Illinois 60189 USA
(312) 668-8300
(800) 323-9400
e-mail: danielle_crilly@tyndale.com

Understand the Times

Understand the Times
P.O. Box 27239
Santa Ana, CA 92799 USA
(800) 689-1888

Videos on creation by Roger Oakland

Understanding Your Teenager

Understanding Your Teenager
The teen years have aptly been described as "the terrible twos times ten!" For all parents who agree and feel light years apart from their teens, Understanding Your Teenager (UYT)--a new ministry from Wayne Rice, co-founder of Youth Specialties--can help. Through seminars, books, tapes and videos, UYT helps parents understand their changing teen and equips them with practical ways to influence their teen towards a healthy self-concept, wise discernment, freedom from the influence of peer pressure, personal responsibility and self-reliance, and a mature Christian faith. UYT offers tips for parenting teens, a page of helpful links, an area where parents can request a free information packet and more; smoother-sailing teen years are ahead... on Planet Earth! Understanding Your Teenager: http://www.gospelcom.net/uyt

United Christian Artists

United Christian Artists
Publishes a video brochure/magazine.

United Prison Ministries International

United Prison Ministries International
P.O. Box 8
Verbena, AL 36091
Phone: (205) 755-4744 Fax: (205) 755-4774

VIDEOS - Every Christian should see these FREE VIDEOS:
(For shipping and handling please send $4.00 for each tape.)

#701 - " The Word of God: Changing Lives On The Inside." (USA prisoners' testimonies)
#702 - "Inside Russian Prisons, From Communism..To Capitalism..To Christ."
#703 - Russian Update: "Breaking The Bars of Iron"
#704 - "Banished in Siberia: Christian Doctor spent 33 years in prison"
#705 - "A Light Shines in Russian prison" (Kiev, Ukraine)
#706 - "Recollections of Russia by Two U.S.A. Business Men."
#707 - "CNN Airs God's Miracle In Romania"
#801 - "JESUS LOVES THEM" (2 million Desire of Ages for USA)
#802 - "FREE INDEED" (Testimonies of USA Inmates and Prison Officials)
#803 - "Prison Officials Answer to Crime"

Remember the videos are free, but send $4.00 for each video for shipping & handling.

Unreached People Group Directory

Unreached People Group Directory
For a list of unreached people group videos and other unreached people group information please e-mail kennethwes@aol.com


646 South State Street
Chicago, IL 60605
Phone: 312.922.1462
Fax: 312.922.7766

They have some videos of the preparation of Unshackled radio programs.

The Urban Alternative

The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans
P.O. Box 4000
Dallas, TX 75208
1 (800) 800- 3222

The Urban Alternative has an online catalog, but it is probably better to order the printed version of their catalog as it will probably have the videos, or a bigger selection.

Jack Van Impe Ministries

Jack Van Impe Ministries
PO Box 7004
Troy MI 48007-7004 USA
(Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm)

Many other videos regarding prophecy
Apocalyse II: Revelation


The VeggieTales video series has done a lot in recent years to make solid biblical principles more palatable for children. The videos, which feature Bob the talking tomato and his cucumber friend Larry, have brought high quality entertainment to the wasteland of Christian children's videos.

Vision Video

Vision Video
Box 540
Worcester, PA 19490 USA
has a nice video catalog

At the beginning of May, Vision Video announced the release of a new 6-part video series "The History of Christianity." This video curriculum of six half-hour programmes gives a fast-paced overview of almost 2,000 years of the Christian church. The series is hosted by Dr. Timothy George, Senior Editor for Christianity Today and Dean of Beeson Divinity School. The curriculum includes a 48 page leader's guide, 48 pages of reproducible student worksheets and programme scripts. For more information visit the web site above. If ordered from the web the price is USD$63.99. Otherwise send an email message to <info@visionvideo.net>.

Visionary International Video

Visionary International Video
P. O. Box 743352
Dallas, Texas 75374
(972) 669-9207
E-mail: VisionVid@aol.com
video production ministry to promote missions, missionaries and missionary organizations

Voice of the Martyrs

Voice of the Martyrs
P.O. Box 443
Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74005

This ministry and these videos are about the persecuted church.

"Preserve the Word"
"No Other God"
"In Prison with Psalm 107"
"Mission Sudan"
"Faith Under Fire"
"Stephen's Test of Faith"
"The Faces of God"
"Romania- The Return"
"China: More Persecution"
"The Faces of Vietnam"
"Nigeria: Freedom from Fear"
"Leaping China's Great Wall"

Walk Thru the Bible Ministries

Walk Thru the Bible Ministries
4201 N. Peachtree Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30341 USA
ph: (770) 458-9300
fax: (770) 454-9313
ph: 800-763-5422
ph: 800-763-5433

Videos on a successful marriage
Bruce Wilkinson's excellent teaching ministry
(A Biblical Portrait of Marriage)
(When Couples Become One)
(When A Husband Loves)
(In Laws or Out Laws)
many other videos


David Barton
P.O. Box 397
Aledo, Texas 76008-0397
Internet: www.wallbuilders.com

WallBuilders is unveiling America's godly heritage by doing historical research and then producing tapes and publications.
Founder David Barton speaks to groups across America. P.O. Box 397, Aledo, Texas 76008-0397; Internet: site: www.christiananswers.net. Orders: (800) 873-2845; Office: (817)441-6044; Legislative news: (817) 441-5526. Hours: M-F 9 a.m.-5 p.m.(Central). Free catalog. Free quarterly: "WallBuilder Report." VIDEOS: (1) "America's Godly Heritage" (1990?), $4.95 as of 1994; (2) "Keys to Good Government," America's founders tell how to achieve morality/good government, $19.95; (3) "The Spirit of the American Revolution," about the great founders of the United States of America, $19.95.

Reggie White Studios

Reggie White Studios
Please address all questions to:
Tate Shetterly
Head of Business Affairs
Paul McKellips
Head of Production

Willow Creek Videos

William Lane Craig's debates pages:
His 5 pointed argument which he uses in most debates is about the best around... It's in the Willow Creek Video "Christianity Vs Atheism: Which way does the Evidence Point?".

The Winning Walk

The Winning Walk
Pastor Ed Young
Second Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
"A German Christmas Fantasy"

David Wood Evangelistic Association

David Wood's excellent ministry.
Videos on soulwinning

Word Ministry Resources

Word Ministry Resources
PO Box2518
Waco, Texas 76702

They have a nice video catalog

WorldChristian News

WorldChristian News
PO Box 26479
Colorado Springs, CO 80936, USA
Tel: 1 (719) 380-0507
Tel (818) WCN-NEWS
Fax: 1 (719) 380-0936
e-mail (wcn@xc.org)

"The gods of India" is a video overview of Hinduism, which holds 774 million people worldwide in spiritual darkness. Video titles: missions, teaching, young people in stock at WorldChristian News & Books.
More titles on web site - most every title at least 15 % off the retail price - some even more (no minimum required). Check for higher discount rates, see bulkorders--starting at ten copies per title.

"World Premier of Gospel Music"

"World Premier of Gospel Music"

World Trust Films, World Film Crusade

World Trust Films, World Film Crusade
P.O. Box 20888
Tampa, FL 33622
Ph. (813) 960-0043
Fax: (813) 265-3656
"Cross and the Switchblade"

Worship Network

Worship Network
(many videos with excellent pictures, and scriptures with Christian music-on
Sky Angel)
(Seasons of Worship)
(To God be the Glory)
(The Gospel According to Matthew)
(23 Traditional Hymns)
(A Call to Worship)

Wycliffe Bible Translators Videos

Wycliffe Bible Translators Videos
Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada Inc.
Tel: (403) 250-5411
Fax: (403) 250-2623

See the challenge and joy of reaching "Bibleless" peoples! Want to experience the sights and sounds of the Bible translation and literacy task? We've prepared exciting videos to take you there. In almost all cases, the following videos are $10.70 each (plus postage) in Canadian funds. To order, see the end of this section below. Please note: offer only available in Canada.

The 400th New Testament
Jesus in My Language
The Word Takes Root
The Word Like a River
The Canela Investment

A Very Nice Cooperation
The Best Language in the World
Progress in India

Come Join Us!

L'Église du Québec au Coeur de l'action
La plus belle langue au monde

SIL in Cameroon
SIL in Chad

Canada Institute of Linguistics

A Burning Desire

Prayer Alive

Wycliffe's Media Resources Center

1-800-992-5433, xtn 3619
2-IN-1 VIDEO -- Thanks to the folks at "In Focus" (Sept 2000) for clueing us in on Wycliffe's two new videos on one tape. They're "short, colorful and inspiring." Filmed at the dedication of the Suriname Javanese New Testament, _A Flower Unfolds_ tells about the changed lives of people who now understand God's love because of Bible translation and the partnerships and perseverance that made it possible. (8 minutes.) _The Ultimate Goal_ looks at our ultimate mission as worshipers of God (also 8 minutes). Cost with shipping: $14.95. To order, call (toll-free or use net2phone)

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Phone David Moore or John Wilson at (503) 652-1662, toll
free 1-800-269-2007, or e-mail Jim Stair at <jim_stair@wycliffe.org>.

The X-Nilo Show

Kyle Justice
1449 N. Maple St.
Canby, Oregon U.S.A. 97013

Creation videos

Youth Specialties

Mike Yaconelli, co-founder and owner of Youth Specialties, presents helpful articles on the Youth Specialties Web site. Read selected articles from the "Dangerous Wonder" column in "Youthworker": "Souls in Danger," "The Sins of Youth Ministry," "Girl, Interrupted" and more. From "The Back Door" column in "The Door," read "Annoying Faith," "The Expertise of the Inept" and "When Our Souls Stand on Tiptoe." Order Mike's video, "The Heart of Youth Ministry," and enjoy excerpts from his book, "Dangerous Wonder." This gifted author/speaker has spent 40 years communicating to youth and youth leadership--and he does it well. You will enjoy the online selections from Mike's skillful pen.

The Best of Mike Yaconelli: http://www.gospelcom.net/ys/free/yac/


TRANSFORMATIONS VIDEO VIA YWAM -- If you're looking to purchase one of those "Transformation" videos (mentioned in the June 4th edition), you might want it in English. Check out http://www.ywam.org/books/vid_transf.html for the English copy at a substantial discount! Remember, I haven't seen this, so you'll have to evaluate it for yourself. Frankly, some readers thought it was monumental while others found it somewhat sensational. Be sure to preview it.

YWAM Church Planting Coaches
ERDENET: THE STORY OF JESUS ASSEMBLY IN MONGOLIA -- This new video details the story of what the producers refer to as the first completely indigenous church movement planted in Mongolia. The story follows a multi-national church planting team as they pioneer, the church planting movement that develops, the team's phase-out and handover to local elders, planting of multiple daughter and granddaughter churches, and the training and sending out of Mongol missionaries that are now planting churches all over Mongolia and beyond. According to early viewer reports, the 15-minute movie is both exciting, encouraging, and technically excellent. Available in NTSC or PAL formats. For PAL Version purchase contact InterAct; P.O. Box 1624; 701 16 Orebro; SWEDEN or write to <m.alphonce@home.se> . For NTSC (American system video) purchase, send US$20.00 to cover video and shipping (within USA) to YWAM Church Planting Coaches at <cpcoaches@xc.org>


P.O. BOX 55787
PHONE ORDERING: 1-800-922 2143
FAX#: 1-425-775-2383


YWAM Publishing

YWAM Strategic Frontiers

YWAM Strategic Frontiers
P.O. Box 25490
Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA
"The Waiting World" is a new video series designed to engage the imagination of believers and ignite prayer on behalf of unreached people groups. For information, contact <videos@sfcos.org> or write YWAM Strategic Frontiers, P.O. Box 25490, Colorado Springs, CO 80936 USA.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
4725 Peachtree Corners Circle Suite 250
Norcross, GA 30092-2553
ORDERS (770)-449-6766
FAX (770)-729-1729.

Videos for the thinking Christian, apologetic videos, or videos for the thinking or intellectual unbeliever

"Abraham, Jacob, Joseph videos

Zola Levitt


Videos regarding Jewish and Messianic topics
Please see his web site or order his catalog
I was saved after reading one of his books!

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