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Acts Multimedia

VIDEO SERVICES IN SE ASIA -- Serving in SE Asia or supporting workers there? Need a documentary piece to take back on furlough, an update of your building project, a documentary of the aid your organization is providing? Acts Multimedia has recently launched a full plan/shoot/edit/package service for missionaries, supporting churches or organizations. Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand their focus is providing services throughout SE Asia. For more information view their video here or send them an email multimedia(at)actsco (dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . and reassemble the address onto one line.]

Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema can provide broadcast quality video production and editing at an extremely reduced rate for Christian based mission projects. Digital Cinema is an award winning video production company located in Rochester, NY. I can edit your existing footage into a compelling video or produce another video altogether. I shoot with 24p/60i cameras and edit with Final Cut Pro. I would love the opportunity to discuss your project and see how I can help.

Bob Diffenderfer
Digital Cinema

Hope For The World Media

Hope for the World Media brings awareness to people globally of those less fortunate through media tools as DVDs, video tapes, brochures and photography. My name is Eric Hoover and I oversee Hope for the World Media.

Serving the Savior with a Passion!
Eric Hoover
Hope for the World Media
Home/Office (770) 506-7121

Media 7 Ministries
Media 7 is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization. Our mission is to help missionaries and missions organizations, community assistance, relief and development organizations and non governmental agencies (NGO’s) communicate the essence or “heart & soul” of what it is they do. We do this using the tools of digital video. Video has the ability to captivate people’s minds, touch their hearts, and motivate them into action. The power of video cannot be overstated. Contact us to talk about how we can help you or your organization tell your story ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Missions Alive
Missionary Assistance We provide a variety of services to missionaries who are preparing to report to their supporting churches. These services include the following:

By aiding missionaries with their presentations, we assist them in their fund-raising and reporting efforts as they seek to involve State-side churches with their work on the field. Your support helps insure that we are able to continue to provide this service at a very minimal cost to the missionaries, far less than if they were to seek commercial presentation assistance.

Mission Media Productions
"MMPI is a non-profit ministry providing video production services for missionaries. It exists to inform individuals and churches of the activities, successes, problems and needs of missionaries throughout the world, primarily through the medium of video."
Mission Media Productions, Inc.

A not-for-profit ministry that serves missionaries both afield and at home. Utilizing our spiritual gifts, we produce videos for and about them, becoming their "link" to their supporters as they do the Lord's work. Our Mission Statement probably says it best:
MMPI exists to inform individuals and churches of the activities, successes, problems and needs of missionaries throughout the world, primarily through the medium of video.
Our ministry's goal is for every missionary to be able to have their own video explaining to all the world what they do, and what their needs are. To this end, we have equipped MMPI with industrial-grade JVC editing equipment and a non-linear (totally in-computer) editing system. We can produce from concept to finished duplicates. We both tape on-site and edit in-house for complete ministry support and service. As a ministry, we rely on the support of individuals and churches for our day-to-day expenses. This allows us to provide our services without charge for our time, asking only reimbursment for out-of-pocket expenses for both video productions and duplicate tapes. Missionaries may want to see our Policies page for details. Those interested in producing their own videos should see The DIY page for instructions on everything from choosing equipment to scripting. We offer free downloads of plain-text copies. If you are a missionary, PLEASE fill out the questionaire on The Survey page. It will help us help ALL missionaries with video production!
The Newsletter page helps you follow the progress of MMPI. We update it every two months. You can find a list of videos we have on the Videos page and on the Latest News page, we have, well, I think you can guesse that one!
The Stories page is a glimpse into the lives of some of the missionaries we have worked with. There you will be able to get an idea of why we consider the mission field not only important to God's Kingdom, but exciting and rewarding. The Links page contains links to other ministries and reference pages you may be interested in, and the Pictures page has some photos from our work, plus some personal information and links.
Thanks for your interest. We would be happy to hear from you. We welcome any questions and are happy to help with whatever information we may be able to provide. E-mail us with your comments.
May God Bless,
Bob & Glenda Kelly
Mission Media Productions, Inc.
812 392-2860

Missionary Tech Team

25 FRJ Drive
Longview, TX 75602-4703
Phone: (903) 757-4530
Missionary TECH Team provides technical services for missionaries all around the world.


MullinsMedia has been providing media support to missions and missionaries since 2001. Recognizing that a well-designed and regularly updated website is the best communication tool available today, they specialize in providing low-cost, easy-edit web spaces to missionaries (hosting, training and maintenance included). MullinsMedia also travels worldwide to produce documentary- style DVDs that mission organizations use to tell their story.

MullMan Pictures

Rodney Mull
Here's a ten-year veteran of television production offering services to help missionaries generate awareness and raise funds through the use of video and multimedia. He's got experience in Spain, North Africa, and Honduras working for missionaries, and a complete DV camera package with editing and a desire to honor God with exceptional productions.
An experienced television producer offers to help missionaries generate awareness and raise funds through the use of video and multimedia. He has experience in Spain, North Africa, and Honduras.
MullMan Pictures, Inc. is a full-service agency specializing in media production, MullMan Pictures is The Comprehensive Solution.
MullMan Pictures offers production and consulting services to Christian organizations at discounted rates. Whether you're a local church needing media support for a capital fundraising campaign, or a mission overseas generating awareness to raise funds, MullMan can help you. MMP has provided videos for clients in Spain, North Africa, Honduras, and domestically.
Perhaps your ministry needs to start a media production department or buy and install a vast array of production gear. Maybe you have some infrastructure already built but need someone to come in and act as an Executive Producer and Teacher to make sure your maximizing your production potential… MullMan can help.
Whatever your media vision… we can get you there.
"Creative Minds for Modern Thinkers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

PROCLA-MEDIA Productions

YWAM's international video production team, serving the mission and other Christian organizations, with their various video needs. PMP has produced several award winning mission videos, and produces the quarterly Global Perspectives international YWAM video magazine. (Procla-Media branches now operate in Latin America and New Zealand.) Do you have video production needs? Contact the PMP international office in Colorado Springs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I am offering my services to missionaries.
Thank You
Bringing to you your digital future!
James M. Dunn II
Simon J Productions

Watermelon Ministries
Our goal is to produce digital media that is inspired by the Holy Spirit and effectively communicates God’s love for the world.
Joshua MacLeod does video production, photography, graphic design, duplication, websites and newsletters.

White Eagle Media Ministries White Eagle Media Ministries exists to met all your media needs,
• whether its taping your ministry, • providing tapes for your ministry, • or providing you the necessary equipment and info to tape your own ministry! What is White Eagle Media Ministries? White Eagle Media Ministries was formed to serve missionaries and other Christian ministries by: • Creating high quality custom videos for individual missionaries well below industry rates. • Producing instructional, promotional and fund raising videos for Christian ministries. • Consulting in the use of video and other media to further your ministry.
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