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Video Projectors:Where to Buy

Video Projectors (Where to Buy, Saving Money, Advice)

From my experience Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo and Eiki represent the best value in video projectors. I recommend that you see the video projector before buying it. If you buy an inexpensive video projector, you might be disappointed in the quality of the picture. Please remember that if the place where you use it is not real dark, you need more brightness or ansi lumens to get a good picture. If you are in dark conditions, you should get at least 500 or 600 ansi lumens. If you are trying to use the video projectors in a light area, you need at least 1000 ansi lumens.

I recommend talking to or corresponding with Jim Kovalik at Evangelical Purchasing Service for good advice. However, he just sells the Eiki brand. If you want to talk to a company that sells a lot of different brands, please contact Fowler Productions. They also sell some software for $349 to display songs, sermon notes, and do presentations similar to Microsoft Powerpoint presentations.

Evangelical Purchasing Service

Jim Kovalik
515 Palliser St.
Johnstown, P.A.
15905 USA
Toll Free: (800) 445-6791
Phone: (814) 255-7300
Fax: (814) 255-7702

Jim specializes in video projectors and it's sound system. He sells mainly Eiki video projectors. You will probably save a few hundred dollars by buying from him as opposed to someone else. He sells NTSC and PAL video projectors. He also specializes in overhead projectors and projection screens. He sells a lot of transformers. He also finds/sells Eiki 16mm projectors, which are 220 volt 50 hertz. He also finds special prices for missionaries for many different things including stuff for churches.

Fowler Productions

3308 Broce Ct.
Norman, OK 73072
Call: 1-800-729-0163
Fax: 1-800-445-2845

Fowler Productions specializes in video and data projectors. It is owned by Christians. They sell Eiki, Sanyo, nView, 3M, and Panasonic. Sanyo and Eiki are basically the same projector, and are probably the best value. They sell NTSC and PAL video projectors. They usually give good, experienced advice. Sometimes Fowler Productions has closeouts.

Free Video Projection Planning Guide:
Worship Projection Software:
Complete turnkey projection solutions:

Galcom International

contact: Allan McGuirl
65 Nebo Rd
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
18W 2C9
905-574-4626, fax: 905-574-4633

Galcom is a service to missionaries and unreached peoples. They specialize in fix tuned radios and low power radio stations. Allan also helps with advising missionaries on video projectors and other equipment for outreach. They also sell video projectors. They sell NTSC and PAL video projectors. Allan is interested in developing new technology to help reach the unreached.

Galaxy Communications

P. O. Box 101
Blaine WA
98231-0101 USA

4840 Lincoln Rd
Blaine WA 98230
USAToll Free Phone: 1-800-333-7279
(US and Canada) Phone: (604) 522-7955
Fax: (604) 522-7799

1840 Brunette Ave
Coquitlam BC
V3K 1H2

This man has special prices for missionaries.

Mini-$500 portable video projectors

Tonga, Tsonga, And Tongan -- Learn The Difference

For a complete listing of the $3-15 Jesus video/film/Sony 8mm (in 557 languages) and VCD/DVD (in 8 languages), a four ministry audioscripture inventory (in 300 languages), along with an index describing all languages' corresponding geographical areas and how to order them, plus how to order mini-$500 portable video projectors, send an email to: or .

Obtaining PORTABLE Video Projectors:

If you are interested in a portable video projector for overseas outreach, not the big $3500 outfit that is sold in N. America, but a small $600 projector like the Phillips Netherlands LPC-5200 LPC-5201 that is sold overseas (runs off a Handicam), contact Nick at 724-275-9910 or . He can also supply you with batteries, etc.

Try also Bill at Outreach International: or check out or call 970-249-0306. They also help set folks up with projectors.

Low Priced video projectors

B & H Photo sells a Sony video projector for $715. B & H's phone number is 800-947-9929. It is a Sony CPJ 200. B& H is a large reputable mail order company that spends a lot of money advertising in a lot of publications. Sharp XV-C1OUP is $1199.95. It is sold by Smile Photo-212-967-5900.

Below is from Jim at Evangelical purchasing service.

Dear Ken,
The lowest priced new projector is EIKI LC-180AR for $ 1695 with 200 lumens. The next step up is 500 lumens, LC-360 for $ 2395. And they go up in price and lumens from there. I don't deal in used projectors and that's always risky as well.
Your coworker,

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