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Ethnologue provides a comprehensive listing of the known living languages of the world. They provide a summary data of identified languages. You can also get the SIL Software (a tool to assist linguists, anthropologists, and other language workers) from this website.

First Bible International
First Bible International is a Bible translating and publishing ministry. They are focused on their three-fold goals: Bible publishing, national training, and church planting. You can find on their website their online store, projects, media resources, and many more.
Our information technology team is working throughout the world to meet the technology needs of translators. For more than 35 years, JAARS-trained personnel have pioneered in using technology to speed Bible translation. Our team has helped develop the most comprehensive translation support software suite available; designed communication solutions for teams working in remote areas; and established a worldwide email network for language and support workers, processing more than 81 million emails during our 2008 fiscal year.Throughout the year, we also host Check-IT-Out conferences, which demonstrate how computers are used to support Bible translation—and the variety of ways IT professionals can get involved.

New Computer Program Aids Bible Translators
This website contains information on a computer program that is being used to help translate the Bible and other Christian materials to languages of the people to better advance the Kingdom of God.

Paratext has software programs for Windows and Linux OS. These software programs are developed by the United Bible Societies and SIL International. The purpose of the software programs is to allow you to input, edit, check, and publish a translation of the Scriptures, based on the original texts (Greek, Hebrew), and modeled on versions in major languages.

Pioneer Bible Translators
Pioneer Bible Translators is serving 17 million people in 46 language projects on their current fields. They have more than 20 projects and 4 new fields. Pioneer Bible Translators helps people without God's Word impact their context with Scripture, equipping them to translate it into their language and use it to transform their community.

SIL International
SIL serves language communities worldwide, building their capacity for sustainable language development, by means of research, translation, training and materials development. Materials that SIL translates include books and booklets for educational programs, stories related to culture and folklore, health and community development resources, and Scripture texts.

The SPARK website is designed to gather knowledge about the use and effectiveness of media programs in mission/ministry environments, with the purpose of promoting Scripture use. They provide written, visual and oral strategies to communicate to oral ethnic groups. They serve churches, mission agencies, Bible translation organizations, and media producers who are focused on a ministry to the lesser-known language groups.

The Seed Company
The Seed Company's mission is to complete Bible translators in the heart languages of people without God's Word, through partnering with: national colleagues, prayer supporters and financial investors - like-minded organizations.

TOTAL stands for Taste Of Translation And Linguistics. This is a five-day course offered by Wycliffe. The course includes introductory classes on phonetics, phonology, grammar, language and cultural learning, and translation and semantics. Get more information about TOTAL from Wycliffe website.

Translation Accelerator Kit
Translation Acceleration Kits give instant satellite connection and speed up the process of a New Testament translation by two years. It includes a small, portable netbook computer; satellite communication terminal; solar panel; battery; and power supply. To check out the project, you can read the articles on the website links above.

Vernacular Media Services (JAARS)
Vernacular Media Services works with translation teams to help develop culturally appropriate media tools in the everyday language of people groups around the world. This is what the do: evaluate the communications needs of specific language groups; design appropriate media strategies; and create effective, culturally appropriate media tools. They use a custom blend of “high-tech” and “low-tech” media tools to meet the communication needs of individual language groups.

World Bible Translation Center
World Bible Translation Center is a non-profit organization and their job is to accurately translate God's Word in a simple and clear way into the world's languages. Here's what they do: targeting and identifying language groups for Bible translation, and publishing and distribution of newly-translated Bibles.

Wycliffe Associates
Wycliffe Associates partners with national translators to help accelerate Bible translation and ensure that the communication of God's Word to people is accurate and powerful. If you feel led to support Bible translation, visit their website to find out how you can become part of their team or organization.

World Christian Resource Directory

World Christian Resource Directory

World Christian Resource Directory