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Nadya from Canada writes:

"Being a pastor's wife, I was a little skeptical when I got the internet about a year and a half ago, but then purposed it in my heart to use the net for God's glory. With all the negative influence that is out there God placed it on my heart to do something I have never done before - a website. I made two kids games all through trial and error, (mostly error!), that are completely evangelistic in nature, and since I placed the sites up I have been overwhelmed with the response! God is so good! Kids, parents, and other adults alike have been touched and saved through the sites. Secular sites have added my links to their sites which thrilled me to no end knowing that many unsaved would be playing the games. Most people have been surprised that the gospel could be spread in such a different way especially since most unsuspecting people only discover the message at the end of the games, but the Lord gets all the glory on that one!"

Nadya's Underwater Adventure Game

Mission X Space Game

Because of the huge popularity of games, I have explored how they could be used evangelistically, though I am not a games player at all myself, really. In fact, I''ve put up a secton on this subject:

It is worth noting that Myst and Riven (see link) are produced by Christians, and therefore offer a Christian world view with moral choices, something which does not exist on ordinary shoot-em-up or mystical fantasy games, which I certainly do not like or would want our kids to play. On that page, you'll also see some links to some very effective childrens games that a pastor's wife in Canada has made. I'd certainly like to add more about how Christians could be invovled in MUDs and other interactive games in a way which can also be a witness.




Nadya Andreadis' evangelistic games sites for children were highlighted last month. She shares some of the very encouraging results from these two sites: "I do keep email from people that have written to me and here are just a few of the responses I received recently aside from all the guestbook entries. I personally respond to each of the email encouraging them in the things of God. I have had kids on drugs write me giving their hearts over to the Lord, to whole families playing the games together and rededicating their lives. The Lord receives all the honor and praise! Here are just a few: "I want to thank you for this great site, my grandson, age 5 asked Jesus into his heart tonight after playing the Nadya game. The whole site is wonderful, thank you for all your hard work in making it. It is a blessing." "My name is Connor and I am almost five. I really liked your game and I prayed the prayer with all my heart." Read more encouraging responses to these games at:

Gaming is a powerful means of evangelistic Christian communication!

There is huge potential to use it more:


Fun 'N' Games

Just 4 Fun

We have added several more resources to the page about adding games to your site to encourage return visits. Has anyone tried this approach?

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