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Disability Ministry Organizations

Some of the organizations and ministries below are Christian, some are secular. I am not sure all organizations and ministries are doctrinally sound.

Bethesda Lutheran Communities
Bethesda Lutheran Communities works with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by improving their lives through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ. Their website has devotionals written for people with disabilities. They also offer resources such as books, articles, DVDs, and more.

Christian Churches Disability Ministry (CCDM) brings awareness to the disability community through their Blazing New Trails program and other projects. They also offer brochures, booklets and books to help you minister to people with disabilities.

Christ for People with Developmental Disabilities
Christ For People With Developmental Disabilities shares the love and word of God with disabled people. They encourage participants through praise and worship, Bible lessons, prayer, fun activities, and fellowship.

Crossroads Fellowship
Crossroads is a Christ-centered organization for people with disabilities. They provide resources on how to assist people with disabilities. There are also books for children with disabilities.

Deaf Ministries Worldwide
Deaf Ministries Worldwide aims to send Godís light and truth to deaf people everywhere. They offer different ministries to the deaf community, as well as those who would like to minister to people with hearing problems.

Disabilities Ministries
Disabilities Ministries provides information and resources for those who are disabled. They also focus on praying for the sick and hurting people all over the world.

Disability Network Christian and Secular Disability Links
Disability Network contains a list of organizations that provide specialist activities or services in a Christian context for people with disabilities living particularly in Australia.

Elevate Christian Disability Trust
Elevate Christian Disability Trust is a non-profit, interdenominational Christian organization that serves people with disabilities. They promote awareness of people with disabilities through churches, community groups, information seminars and camps. They also provide resources through audio library, Braille and large print books for the Blind or Visually Impaired.

Friendship Ministries
Friendship Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization that helps churches and organizations around the world to share Godís love with people who have intellectual disabilities. They can provide a model for ministry, help as to how to get started with disability ministry, materials you can use to learn about God together, consultation, training, and encouragement. They also provide Bible study materials in Spanish language for Spanish people with intellectual disabilities.

Hope Haven
Hope Have reaches out with love, hope and opportunity to adults and children with special needs. They offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of this special group of people. They also share the good news of Jesus Christ to them so they, too, can experience the love of God.

Inspiration Ministries
Inspiration Ministries is a Christian-based residential community and respite care provider for adults with ability challenges. Their work center, resale shop, special events and volunteer opportunities give people with disabilities a chance to build friendships and serve the community.

International Fellowship for Handicapped
International Fellowship for Handicapped (IFH) reaches out to people who have the kinds of disabilities which cause them to be socially stigmatized. IFH shares Jesus Christ to these special group and helps them become involved in the life of the church and society.

Joni and Friends International Disability Center
Joni and Friends is a ministry that reaches out to people with disabilities. They evangelize people affected by disabilities, as well as their families. They also train and mentor people with disabilities so they, too, can reach out to others.

Joy Fellowship
Joy Fellowship is an interdenominational Christian ministry in Vancouver. The focus of this ministry is to reach out and address the needs of people with mental or physical disabilities. They offer Bible studies, outreach teams, special events, and more programs for people with disabilities.

Life Without Limbs
Life Without Limbs is founded by Nick Vujicic. This organization is all about sharing Jesus Christ to those with special needs or disabilities. Its mission is to cross boundaries and break down barriers to build bridges that bring people to the love and hope found in Jesus Christ.

Lift Disability Network
Lift Disability Network is founded in Christian faith. This ministry provides the disability community a safe place where they can have fellowship with one another and pray for each other. LDN also aids the disability family with programs that include social services, mentoring, mental health and family counseling, social events, and spiritual development.

Mark 2 Ministries
The ministry of Mark 3 Ministries is focused in reaching out to people with disabilities. Evangelism and discipleship are the top priorities of Mark 2 Ministries in ministering to people with disabilities.

NATHHAN stands for National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network. This organization helps Christian families with members that have special needs. They provide resources, as well as counseling.

Mephibosheth Ministry
Mephibosheth Ministry reaches out to people disabilities, as well as their families, and they offer help and encouragement to people affected by their chronic illness.

Parents Instructing Challenged Children (PICC) is a ministry of LEAH ( Loving Education At Home), a Christian home education support organization. PICC helps families with children who have special needs. They provide support, resources, counseling, and more.

Parents Rearing and Educating their Autistic Children in Christian Homes, or PREACCH for short, is an outreach ministry of The Bonding Place. They offer help to families with autistic children. They provide prayer support, spiritual affirmation, information pool through newsletters and audio/visual materials, and counseling.

Relentless Grace
By Rich Dixon
Relentless Grace is an uplifting story of hope in the face of overwhelming obstacles. It is the true story of Rich Dixon and how he was able to cope with his physical disability and other problems in life. This book would remind us of God's faithfulness in the face of our lack of faith. Inspirational, encouraging, and gut-wrenchingly real, Relentless Grace will bring laughter, tears and a renewed sense of God's presence.

Rest Ministries
Rest Ministries is non-profit Christian organization that serves people with disabilities and chronic illness. They provide disabled individuals, as well as their families, with spiritual, emotional, relational, and practical support through their programs and resources.

Third Floor Publishing
Third Floor Publishing creates and publishes books for disabled people applying for Social Security Disability benefits. They also distribute a quarterly newsletter called Ebenezer Stones, which offers encouragement for parents who have children with mental and physical disabilities.

Through the Roof
Through the Roof is a national Christian ministry that equips churches and organizations to fulfill the biblical message of inclusion of people with disability in the society. They also provide opportunities for Christians to get involved with mission to and with disabled people such as those that are mobility impaired, those that have learning disabilities or mental health issues, those that are sight and hearing impaired.

Secular Disability Organizations

* Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)
DLF is a national charity providing impartial advice, information and training on independent living for people with disabilities. Services they provide include: counseling, lending library, services for parents with disabled children, business support for manufacturers of daily living equipment, and more.

* Easter Seals Disability Services
Easter Seals provides services, education, outreach, and advocacy to people living with disabilities. These services will help this special group to live, learn, work, play and blend in our communities. This organization provides development support to physical rehabilitation and job training for people with disabilities.

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