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Audio-Forum offers the largest selection of language audio courses. They offer full-length foreign language-learning programs in many languages. They have over 500 titles across over 60 different languages, plus a range of foreign language software and audio titles from Selectsofr and Selectmedia.

BabelFish is a free online translator in 75 languages. It can translate an entire web page, blog, and full documents such as Word, PDF and text.

Barron's offers educational materials on foreign languages.

Berlitz is a global leadership training and education company. They offer a flexible language training program, which is designed to meet each individual's schedule and objectives.

Cheng & Tsui Language Materials
Cheng & Tsui publishers Asian language learning textbooks and multimedia educational materials. They also have literature in translation, dictionaries, and social studies materials.

China Books Language Learning Materials
China Books publishes, imports, and distributes books from and about China. They have hundreds of books and products specializing in Chinese language and culture.

Dover Publications Language and Linguistics Products
Dover makes learning a foreign language fun, easy, and affordable. Visit their website for their products in language and linguistics.

Dunwoody Press
Dunwoody Press publishes and fosters research in the less-commonly taught languages. Their products are developed for both the language learner and the language professional. They have more than 200 publications that describe 97 languages.

FSI Language Courses
This site offers free language courses in electronic format. A lot of learning materials are available for free on this website.

Hippocrene Books Language Resources
The Hippocrene Beginner's Language Guides are excellent learning tools for those who want to learn foreign language. You can get this and other language materials on Hippocrene Books online store. Currently, they publish in over 112 languages, from Arabic to Zulu.

International Congress on Language Learning
ICLL is a triennial event that brings together Christian language coaches, language teachers, language school administrators, pre-field and on-field trainers in language acquisition skills and techniques, ets to gain perspective, share concerns and get updated on what is currently happening in the field of language learning.

Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
You can search for books in communication at Kendall Hunt's online store.

Language Course Finder
You can find language schools and language courses worldwide on Language Course Finder. It lists more than 6000 institutions teaching 70 different languages from Arabic to Zulu in 81 countries. It's free and can be accessed in 22 languages.

Language Impact
In Language Impact, you will find language learning articles, product recommendations, mp3 files, internet resources, and the bi-weekly newsletter Language Learning for Language Learners.

Language Learning at Missionary Training
Missionary Training is offering a course in learning to speak other languages. Topics covered include: mastering basic language learning principles, choosing and working with a language helper, mastering and using language learning methods, designing and using exercises to master pronunciation and grammar, planning and administering your learning, and using a cassette player for language learning.

Language Software Reviews
This website provides reviews of different language software and programs that are out in the market.

Learn Language CD-ROMs
You can order language CD-ROMs from the University of Arizona Press.

Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs)
LCTLs is a project sponsored by CARLA. The goal of this program is to help advance the teaching and learning of LCTLs thru encouraging people to study LCTLs, assisting LCTL teachers in developing high-quality teaching material, and helping LCTL teachers cooperate and communicate.

Lingua House
Lingua House offers language/culture learning materials and strategies for missionaries and others.

Livemocha is an online language learning community. It fuses traditional learning methods with online practice and interaction with native language speakers from around the world.

Living Language
Living Language produces language books, CDs, digital downloads, apps, and online courses in 28 different languages.

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet sells travel guides on their online store. They have over 500 travel guides that cover 195 countries.

Mazda Publishers
Mazda Publishers produces quality texts, reference materials, literary works, and general interest books for researchers, travellers, and the public at large. Titles touch on a wide variety of topics such as arts, architecture, politics, religion, history, language, and culture.

McGraw Hill Education
MCGraw Hill Education sells world language books on their online store.

Memrise is offering language courses including sign language.

Multicultural Books & Videos
Multicultural Books & Videos is the gateway to the global marketplace of foreign language materials for librarians, educatiors and wholesalers. Missionary travellers can also look for useful cultural and foreign language books on this site.

Multilingual Children's Association
This website is great for missionaries who are raising their children in other countries and trying to learn two or more languages. It offers informative articles, language products for children, and more.

Natural Foreign Language Resource Center
NFLRC develops and improves learning and teaching of all languages particularly the less commonly taught languages of Asia and the Pacific. They have language teching materials and other resources on their website.

Pan Asian Publications
Pan Asian is a publisher of bilingual picture story books in English/Chinese, English/Spanish, English/Vietnamese, English/Hmong, and more.

Parlo is an English language training and assessment company. Parlo is also a leading developer of English language learning products and services to support English language learners around the world.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone is a language-learning software. You can learn Spanish, English, Irish, Hebrew, and more

Routledge publishes hundreds of journals and thousands of books each year. They have language learning books on their online store.

Runway is an online language learning tool based on the Language Acquisition Project created by Dwight Gradin at Mission Training International.

Second Language Acquisition at Center for Intercultural Training
Second Language Acquisition is a course offered by CIT. This course introduces a wide variety of skills for successful language learning.

SIL International
SIL International is a faith-based nonprofit organization serving language communities worldwide and building their capacity for sustainable language development by means of translation, research, training and materials development. SIL International offers trainings, language resources and software.

Speak Your Languages
Speak Your Languages is offering free online, self-study training for those English speakers who want to learn other languages.

Tuttle Language Books
Tuttle's language books open doors of learning and travel opportunities.

Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese
Wenlin is CD-ROM software for Mac and Windows OS. This software helps the user to read, write, edit and print Chinese documents. It also has a built-in selevtion of Chinese literature, Chinese dictionary, and current media.

World of Reading
World of Reading offers foreign books in over 100 languages. THey also have ESL software, foreign language films, and more. sells language products and software. They have a large selection of language-related products on their website.

Wycliffe Translation & Linguistics Training
Wycliffe is offering translation and linguistics training. For more information visit their website or the link above.

Yale University Press
YUP creates and distributes language products. Visit their website for the title of language books available.

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