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Barnabas International
Barnabas International is all about encouragement. They provide Christians with images, articles, resources and information that will help build the Christian in the Lord and will help the Christian stand strong serve the Lord well.

Caring for Others
Caring for Others helps by increasing the effectiveness of missionaries and reducing their attrition rate. They do this by caring for the relational, emotional, and spiritual needs of Christian workers so they can spread the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively.

EMERGE is a Christ-centered mental health center, providing confidential, compassionate, biblically based, and Spirit-empowered outpatient mental health care for individual, marital, and family needs. They help people become and remain relationally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy, so they can realize their God-given potential and fulfill their God-designed purpose.

Emmaus Road International
Emmaus Road International assists churches, mission agency or college in training cross-cultural teams. They provide resources that ignite, develop, and expand the Christian in his involvement in cross-cultural ministry.

Godspeed Services
Godspeed Services offers pastoral care, clinical counseling, and debriefing for intercultural workers at their home office in Columbia, South Carolina. They are offering help to workers who are hampered by emotional, situational or physical stresses.

Link Care Center
Link Care Center helps their clients face life's issues and challenges so they can be more effective in life and ministry. They have dedicated Christian counselors to provide counseling. They provide psychological, emotional, intellectual, familial, cultural, and spiritual care.

Missionary Care
Missionary Care provide member care for missionaries. They provide care, encouragement, growth, and prevention of problems rather than treatment of severe problems. They provide care to anyone, anytime, and anywhere for free.

Missionary Care Ministry
Missionary Care Ministry helps Christians, especially missionaries, by providing a guesthouse for them and helping them in their need for rest and refreshment so they are physically, spiritually and emotionally better so they can minister to the needs of others more effectively.

Pastoral Care for Missionaries
In partnership with Barnabas International, Derek and Dorothy Washington of Pastoral Care for Missionaries provide care to missionaries through gifts and resources from people and churches who see the need for and the benefit of providing pastoral care for missionaries.

The Haven Missionary Care Center
The Haven Missionary Care Center offers comfortable accommodations in a rural setting where Christian missionaries will have: a peaceful time away with the Lord; a refreshed mind, body and spirit; a renewed self so that they can function effectively on the ministry field.

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