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AllNations Christian College
AllNations is an independent, evangelical, interdenominational mission training Bible College. Their international teaching staff have a wide range of mission experience and cross-cultural expertise to train students in cross-cultural mission.

An Adventure in Missions
By Stanley R. Foster
An Adventure in Missions is a basic resource manual for anyone interested in missions. It traces a missionary experience, beginning with the call, preparation, service and the dazzling experiences of missionary life. It is an adventurous, humorous, tumultuous, and exciting road map to missions. There are important lessons in each experience and they will help you in your life adventure.

Ask A Missionary
Ask A Missionary provides FAQ to future missionaries. Prospective and experienced missionaries are invited to exchange questions and answers about how to become a missionary. You can also subscribe to their newsletter. Their newsletter point to magazines, books, conferences, courses and internet sites.

Before You Pack Your Bag, Prepare Your Heart
By Cindy Judge
This is a 47-page book with 12 relevant Bible study lessons that challenges short-term missionaries to prepare their hearts before going to mission areas.

CAMP BIMI provides a strong foundation in missions through a 40-hour class pertaining to preparation and reality of missionary life service. CAMP BIMI is located in Harrison, TN.

Center for Intercultural Training
CIT prepares and equips cross-cultural workers with the missiological, biblical and personal tools needed for strategic and effective cross-cultural ministry. They have courses, books, trainings, and more.

Centre for Mission Training - Redcliffe College
Redcliffe College is offering flexible courses that provides excellent Bible-based cross-cultural mission training, developing your knowledge, character and skills, and equipping you to serve God anywhere.

Cornerstone is a Bible college that offers training for cross-cultural missions. They offer practical and academic training in a mission-oriented setting.

Discipleship Training School - YWAM Lutsk
The Discipleship Training School in YWAM Lutsk is an intensive course consisting of 12 lecture weeks and 10 weeks of outreach in different cultures. During this course the focus will be to know God more, to make Him known, and to get cross-cultural experience. It prepares students to work inter-generationally and answer the calling to go and reach all the nations for Christ.

Discipleship Training School - YWAM Turner Valley, Canada
The Discipleship Training School in YWAM Turner Valley, Canada is an intensive course consisting of 11-12 lecture weeks and 8-12 weeks of outreach in different cultures. During this course the focus will be to know God more, to make Him known, and to get cross-cultural experience. It prepares students to work inter-generationally and answer the calling to go and reach all the nations for Christ.

Gateway Training
Gateway trains missionaries by offering formal, non-formal and informal education learning to them. Training is being held inside their school site in Langley, British Columbia.

I Think God Wants Me To Be A Missionary
By Neal Pirolo
This story features four young people who believe God wants them to be a missionary. If you are in a youth group, a short-term team, a high school or college graduate, a youth or missions leader, any part of the missions endeavor, then this book is a must read for you. It will help you in dealing with issues you should consider before going to the mission field.

International Training Partners
International Training Partners provides practical, interactive, biblical training in interpersonal relationships for Christian workers. They conduct trainings around the world in multiple languages. Their workshops focus on enhancing the effectiveness of Christian workers, particularly those serving across cultures. Also, you can find training resources or reading materials on their web site.

Magnify Your Vision for the Small Church
By John Rowell
This book offers practical guidelines on how to become a "Great Commission." It is a must read for anyone involved in missions or in training others for mission service.

Mission Finder
Mission Finder is the world's leading gathering place for locating Christian mission trips. Search through hundreds of short-term, medical, domestic and international mission trips including orphanages.

Mission Training International
Mission Training International offers the Compass and DAR programs to help cross-cultural missionaries to become effective in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They provide practical tools like language acquisition, communication and leadership to meet the properly equip missionaries.

Missionary Training Service
Missionary Training Service helps Christians find the training they need to complete the task of reaching the world through sharing God's Word. They provide resources for new missionary training programmes and help missionary training colleges and publishes a series of simple missionary training booklets, which can be translated into other languages. They also help people find good evangelical training with their calling.

New Fictional Book to Reflect on Missionary Training (Article)

New Tribes Mission
New Tribes Mission helps local churches train, coordinate and send missionaries to different tribes around the world.

Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations
By Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor
This is an attractive, readable, 10-step workbook to help prospective missionaries count the cost and prepare effectively. Steps include personal spiritual formation, exposure to other cultures, church and agency contacts, and apprenticeships. Also included are various models of mission career paths, as well as lists of helpful resources.

STEM International
Short-Term Evangelical Missions is offering trainings to Christians who are called to become missionaries. They also have books, training videos, or field manuals available on their online bookstore.

The Evangelical Training Directory
This web site is a searchable multi-lingual database of evangelical Bible colleges - pastoral, theological and missionary training programs, courses and resources world-wide - to help you find the training you need to serve the Lord.

TRAIN International
TRAIN International equips individual and team missionaries to live and work cross-culturally and provides debriefing when theyy return from the field. TRAIN International also offers coaching to churches that are sending and supporting cross-cultural workers.

Training of the Twelve
By Alexander Balmain Bruce
Alexander Bruce seeks to answer in his book, The Training of the Twelve, the question of how Jesus was able to manage his ministry. By showing how Jesus and his disciples dealt with hardships, Bruce wrote down valuable leadership skills and addresses important issues of humility, doubt, patience, intercessory prayer, religious rituals, and self-sacrifice. This book is an excellent resource for individuals, as well as communities of all sizes.

By Christy Vidrine
This book recounts the lessons of confusion, peace, struggle, and love within the rich journey that God works in a missional heart. The transition from the mission field back into the Western world is challenging, deep, and unsettling. However, the stories and insights shared by these experienced mission workers will help bring you balance to the vertigo of re-entry and unearth the heart of God as you process the time you spent overseas and explore this new territory, a land with no name.

Where to Get Training for Missions Service
This page has web site links to different organizations that are offering training services or training materials to missionaries.

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