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Prayer Cards for Missionaries - Low Priced

This place also prints business cards and cards for all types of ministry workers.

The Howard Print Shop
Kokomo, Indiana
Prayer Cards for Missionaries

The Howard Print Shop has been serving missionaries, churches and missionary organizations for over 20 years. We understand how to help missionaries communicate with their financial and prayer supporters. Our desire is to make it easy for missionaries to produce needed printed materials including prayer cards.

Some of our staff have been instrumental in setting up two other print shops, one in Arad, Romania and one in Kremenchug, Ukraine. Both print shops are printing Christian materials for pastors and churches in their countries.

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The Howard Print Shop

We are also able to print other things for missionaries as well as the prayer cards. We can print: Letterheads, Envelopes, Business Cards, Display Posters, and Brochures.

You can save as much as 50% or more on your order!

Black or white logos and scannable artwork are free!

FREE typesetting and design! You can give us your information and we will typeset and design your card.

We have been serving missionaries for over 10 years -- designing and printing effective communications for churches and missionaries.

Ordering is simple and quick. Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so much less than other providers of prayer cards? We have a strong desire to help missionaries get God's good news to a world that is dead in sin. We hope the savings in your prayer card will be an encouragement and help to accomplish this goal.

How much does it cost to have you design and typeset our card? There is NO CHARGE for design or typesetting.

What is the difference between your cards and other suppliers? We print our cards on a 2 sided gloss coated paper. Other suppliers usually use a single sided gloss coated paper, then plastic coat the color side. Other providers often have many extra charges (i.e., extra typesetting, artwork, logos, etc).

Can I send complete camera ready artwork? We need to prepare your card on our computer system for set up with other missionaries' cards. We will reset your prayer card into our computer as close to what you send as we can, but it will be necessary for you to very carefully proofread the proof that we send to you.

Can I send a computer document of my prayer card? It is possible, but sometimes it is more difficult than for us to completely set it up here. If you decide to send us a computer document, it must be in a format that is compatible with PageMaker. All supporting documents MUST be included. Any uncommon fonts must be on the disk! We will need the actual photograph.

Can I order less than 2,000 cards? Your card will be run with several other missionaries' cards, which makes it possible for us to keep the price very low (often lower than other providers that are offering 500 at a time). Because of this, the minimum order is 2,000.

Does it cost more to print a photo that covers the entire card, and have the type in white instead of black? No!

How much does it cost to put artwork or logos on the card? If we can scan, or if we have on file the logo or artwork that prints in black (or white over a dark area of the card), there is NO CHARGE.

Can I print other colors on the back side of my card? Most of the cards we print are full color on the front. We can print other colors on the back but it will cost more. (Please call or E-mail for more in formation.)

Purpose and Use of a Good Prayer Card

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