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Sexual Purity Online Resources

While the Internet is littered with pornography,
( shines the light on Web sites that approach sex from a Christian perspective. In the May 24, 2000, edition of CrossDaily's online newsletter The Christian Web (go to to subscribe), CrossDaily reviews three sites that talk about sex from a Christian perspective:

-- Love Fruit
-- Sexual Purity
-- Bible Sex Facts


In February 2000 a study revealed an "alarming rate growth in the number of Christian men becoming addicted to viewing online pornography". Pride makes men believe they are "mature enough" not to be ensnared. Only 5% of all Christian households block pornography or provide a method of accountability. But it has been said that pornography intensifies an individual's drive to serve oneself rather than serving others. What's more, 70% of pornography websites are accessed during the 9-to-5 workday. Two tips to nip it in the bud: 1) set up a technological solution to deny access to online pornography and (2) set up some method of accountability--a pro-active solution that will keep the problem from happening and provide an example to other men.

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(Congrats to Chr Computing Mag for tackling the subject. CCM Special Issue Fall 2000)


The latest issue of Justin Long's Reality Check newsletter (April 24, 2001) addresses an interesting topic - sex, the Internet and the 10/40 Window. Justin comments that there are many structures of sin that hold the people of the 10/40 Window in their grip: abuse of women, abuse of children, child labour, drugs, disease, and sexuality. Of these, sex on the Internet is starting to come to prominence. Justin cites a new study which found that 80% of all Arab-language Internet traffic goes to sex sites. The suggestion is that the cultural controls imposed on people living in the Arab world make them hungrier to explore the world of dot-com sexual thrills. What are the implications of this for mission work, especially within the Arab world? Justin is keen to start sharing ideas: If you would like text copy of this issue of Reality Check, let me know:

Sexual Addiction

For the sexually addicted person please visit
They have a discussion list for the sexually addicted.
They have an intercessor or someone who prays for people.

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