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You can preview the 6-Part "GO PREPARED! Essentials" Short-term Missions Video Training Series for 10 day personal review -- with no obligation to purchase the set if you are not 100% convinced of its value. The 6 Teaching Sessions (approx. 30 minutes each) are: #1-Laying the Foundations; #2-Spiritual Preparation; #3-Building Your Team; #4-Cross- Cultural Training; #5-Ministry Without Dependency; and, #6-Re-Entry & Debriefing. If you decide to keep the "GO PREPARED! Essentials" set, the cost is just $99 + $6 S&H. If not, simply return the video set after your 10 day no risk preview. It is available from or


Mobilization International offer short term and career mission opportunities for active or retired police officers and firefighters. They have been reaching out to police officers in Latin America and the Caribbean for the past 7 years. Over 17,000 police officers have heard the gospel with over 7,000 making decisions for Christ. M.I. partners with Focus on the Family to distribute resources to those they minister to. Their first outreach to firefighters in Guatemala is planned for February 2003.


Short term missions has the potential to change lives, churches and nations. The ServantPrep Seminar was developed by Mission Training International to prepare STM leaders as life-changing team trainers. This 3-day program develops the skills needed to understand the spiritual, personal, relational and cultural challenges and opportunities of STM experience. For more information on this intense, experiential, Scripture-packed seminar, read the article "Train That Team Well" in the current Short- Term Missions Today.

Mission Training International

Mission Training International has cross-cultural missionary training and debriefing programs.

NEW SHORT-TERM MISSION BOOK -- "Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission (MISTM)"

"Maximum Impact Short-Term Mission (MISTM)" is a 250+ page book for any person with a leadership, teaching, receiving, or planning role in short-term mission. MISTM provides a solid framework for understanding, structuring, and planning short-term missions done right! Scheduled for release in March 2003. Order pre-press by January 31 for $14.99 with free shipping. After January 31, MISTM retails for $19.99 plus shipping. Order online or by phone from STEM Press For more information call toll-free 1-877-STEM-min, or 952-996-1385.

Mission Finder

A US based service offering free personal assistance for finding worldwide mission projects: Vocational, medical, short term, orphanages. Classified lists of sending agencies, mission resources, travel tips, insurance, and more.
Tel: ++ 1 208 723 4657 (USA)

Mission Nannys

This US based ministry is intended to assist those mature Christian women over 50 years of age who wish to apply their domestic skills to assist a missionary family or single missionaries by providing help as a nanny or nannies, helping with cooking, music, education, teaching, entertainment, shopping, babysitting, where children are involved. This can be an ideal ministry for senior and retired women, and a wonderful opportunity for a short term missions experience.

A US based website devoted to helping people find all of the information they need in choosing and preparing for a short-term missions is coordinated, produced, and maintained by Mission Data International (m-DAT) and its volunteers. Website:

Short Term Missions Database

This is a database of short-term opportunities put together by Mission Network News and includes positions available to mainly US folk. Many organisations, though, will be open to applications from outside the US. Websites:

Short- And Long- Term Options Among Unreached Peoples

Mission to Unreached Peoples has short- and long-term opportunities available to Japan, China, India, Russia, Poland and Turkey. The type of work in each country will vary depending on your gifts and the program. You will need to raise support to cover costs for airfare, food and lodging. Cost ranges from $1850-2950. Consider teaching English in China. All it takes is a bachelor's degree in any field to be qualified to teach English. Those with teaching experience or a MA in TEFL or any English or Education field are especially needed. Many Chinese schools may provide room, board, salary, medical care and vacation allowance depending on your length of commitment. For more information, call Jeff at Mission to Unreached Peoples toll-free or via Net2Phone at 1-888-847-6950 or click on

Center For Student Missions: A Ministry Opportunity For You?

The Center for Student Missions, a non-denominational short-term urban mission and service organization, with USA ministry sites in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Nashville, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington, D.C., announces new locations beginning January 2002: Philadelphia and Seattle. The expansion of ministry, of course, increases CSM'S seasonal staff opportunities, particularly in the summer months. CSM is looking for "City Hosts"--room, board and a living stipend are provided. Learn more about this fine ministry opportunity at the Web site below.

Center for Student Missions:

BOOK: Is Short-Term Mission Really Worth the Time and Money?

Study that uncovers the statistically significant changes in prayer, giving, and commitment to missions of short-term mission participants. US$15.00 + carriage. Can Short-Term Mission Really Create Long-Term Career Missionaries? Demonstrates the correlation between short-term mission and long-term career service. Reveals key strategies that are statistically more likely to put short-termers on a path to long-term missionary service.

US$20.00 + carriage STEM International, PO BOX 386001, Minneapolis, MN 55438, USA Phone toll-free 1-877-STEM-min.(Continental US)

Youth With A Mission

YWAM International (Youth with a Mission) is one of the largest interdenominational, international Christian ministries in the world, with over 12,000 volunteer staff and thousands more affiliated workers in over 800 locations and over 135 countries. YWAM seeks to make a difference in a needy world. Believing that the gospel of Jesus Christ is about words and actions, YWAM staff offer practical help - from agricultural training to running medical clinics - in addition to sharing the Gospel. At the YWAM web site (see above), you will find a vast amount of information on its worldwide ministry - Bible study booklets, drama resources, short-term mission information, video and audio-teaching by YWAM leaders as well as much more. At the web site you can visit an online bookstore, learn about the new YWAM Arts programme, and read updates on YWAM's efforts to bring the Gospel of Christ to every nation in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Check it out.

Web Watch

Global Missions Fellowship:

To Every Tribe:

Occasionally I come across mission web sites that are of interest, or people send me a message telling me to take a look. Here are two of them.

Global Missions Fellowship is based in Dallas, Texas and specialises in taking people on short-term trips and, with the help of a mother church, partner with translators to plant a daughter church. According to Bob Sjogren they have a good success rate.

To Every Tribe Ministries, also based in Texas, focuses on planting churches in the interior, unevangelised regions of Papua New Guinea and Mexico. A vital part of its ministry includes mobilising and equipping existing churches to reproduce and become missionary sending churches themselves. This web site will be relevant to anyone interested in tribal peoples.

WEBSITE: Mission Opportunities Search Engine

If you are looking for overseas opportunities, browse They list over 1,000 openings in 55 mission groups for those interested in Agriculture, Administration, Engineering, Church Ministry, Education, Evangelism & Church Planting, Media & Communication, Theological Education, Teaching English, Development, etc. Every opportunity has a link to a UK-based contact, though of course many agencies have contacts in other sending countries, too.

SOURCE: Ask A Missionary newsletter, 8 April 2002 by John McVay.

Train Those Short-Termers

You know you should spend more time on cross-cultural training, but the planning and logistics of your short- term mission trips are taking all your time and it's almost summer. Give a 12 lesson Bible Study guide to each member, assign the lessons and debrief some of the lessons together in small groups. You'll be amazed at how well they can get on track with the help of this book, Before You Pack Your Bag, Prepare Your Heart. God's word can be used to effectively build sensitive servants! The spiral bound book comes with 10-day Trip Journal and a page of ideas for a team leader using it for orientation. Check out the publisher's website for content review and downloadable order form.

It's Good To "Go" - It's Critical To "Go Prepared"

"GO Prepared" the "Essential" series is, according to the author, the only Short-Term videotape Training Series of it's kind in the world today. These tapes are designed to complement the ministry of your local church or mission agency, and are a great training tool for the rookie as well as seasoned Short-Term missionaries. There are three tapes with two training sessions on each. Over three hours of valuable training by Internationally recognized Missions Leaders. Each session can be presented alone or be incorporated into your present training program.

SHORT-TERM MISSIONS - SPECIALIZED TRAINING -- The "GO Prepared" specialized video training series known as the "Skills" has recently been released and is already proving to be practical and inspirational. Six new videos dealing with Construction, Medical, Fundraising, Recruitment, Evangelism, and how short-term missions trips impact the life of a church are now available.

For more information contact Jim at

Mission Finder Web Site

If you haven't found your way to the Mission Finders web site yet then you need to check it out (see above). Brigada Today profiled two major directories of mission opportunities (one a listing of YWAM short- term outreaches and the other a listing of opportunities available in Christian orphanages). Both of these are to be found on the Mission Finder web site. In addition to this the site contains opportunities for tentmakers, information on mission training and short term opportunities as well as major section on mission resources (travel, insurance, FAQs about missions, links to other mission job lists etc.). This one certainly merits a bookmark and regular visits.

Mission Books:

Mack And Leeann'S Guide To Short-Term Mission
by J. Mack and Leeann Stiles
InterVarsity Press, 2000, 186pp

In searching through the Amazon site, I came across the following review which I thought was worth sharing since it speaks so well to the value of the book: "This book presents the basic principles of short term missions, shows how to develop critical cross-cultural skills, and addresses specific needs short termers experience. The pages overflow with foundational scriptures and true stories from short termers who have traveled with the authors during a dozen two-month mission trips to Africa, the Middle East and Central America. The experiences presented are realistic, sometimes humorous, and often life-changing. Short term missionaries are changing the world. This book will challenge you to consider the opportunities available for a short term mission trip. This is a great text for a small group study. It's fast paced, has short chapters, and is appropriate for high school students as well as adults. Highly recommended for mission minded individuals and congregations." Nancy has a couple of copies that she's selling for NZD$28.00 plus postage (that's $2.00 cheaper than the Mission Books web site price). Or you can order it from Amazon and pay USD$9.59 plus postage:

Special Prices On Special Books

Bill Berry is pulling out the stops to offer some partially dated stock at rock bottom pricing. Get "Send Me! Your Journey to the Nations", by Steve Hoke and Bill Taylor, for half-price in case lots of 38 copies for just $4.00/copy + shipping charges. "The Short-Term Mission Handbook" (288 pages, 1992 edition, $10 cover price) has dropped to $1/copy, plus UPS charges (same as above). Get Into All The World, 2001 Edition in case lots of 50 copies for $25/case (includes UPS charges). For more information, call 626-798-8582 or fax 626-798-2712.

Short-Term Mission Resources, sponsored by Mission Data International, presents a fully searchable database of short-term mission trip opportunities. Visit the web site above for detailed information - descriptions and requirements for mission trips from many organisations. Find also mission agency information (US-based), discussion forums and practical articles that include: Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Go On a Short-Term Missions Trip, and Ten Commandments for Mission Trips Participants.

Short-Term Mission How-To Resources

STEM Int1l wants to help you and your group do short-term missions right! STEM sells short-term mission books and resources at a large discount. Learn everything you need to know to do your mission right. Resources include Mack and Leeann's Guide to Short-Term Missions; Vacations With A Purpose; The Essential Guide to the Short-Term Mission Trip; and other popular how- to publications.

View the resources: Online at To request a catalogue, call toll-free 1-877-STEM-min or outside US 952-996-1385.

Guidebook To The Road Less Traveled

Short-term mission trips are just that--short-term. So instead of spending most of their time on the field trying to figure things out, if participants go prepared, they can be free to focus on their ministry. Guidebook to the Road Less Traveled is a good resource for preparing short-termers. Filled with practical tips and down-to-earth biblical wisdom, this 100-page workbook is an in-depth discipleship tool preparing participants' hearts and attitudes for the experience ahead of them. Reasonably priced at $8.00, Guidebook to the Road Less Traveled may be the resource you've been looking for. For more information look at or call Kyle at (407) 852-3660.

Mission Opportunities In Honduras And Kazakstan

Where can you learn about mission opportunities? Try Brigada-opportunities. Here's an example.

a) IMPACT Teams - 2 week missions

For more information contact: IMPACT Teams at the University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii, tel. 808-326-4464, Fax 808-326-4434.

The Mission Store

The "Original Short-Term Mission Store" Opens -- The Mission Store provides a mixture of information, ministry/travel/safety gear (music gear, mosquito nets, generators, travel kits) as well as a growing selection of rental items for teams to use overseas. Visit the site at and register with the site for periodic updates on products and information. If you do not have Internet access, call 877-236-8295 in the USA or via Net2Phone for a paper catalog (merchandise only, sorry no printed resources). The Mission Store is missionaries serving missionaries

The Value Of Short-Term Missions Many different images come to mind when short-term missions (STM) is mentioned. For some, the images are often negative - a waste of time and resources, cultural insensitivity and ill-trained "tourists." For others, the images are only positive - a life-changing experience, an opportunity to serve God in a cross-cultural setting and a growing worldview. An article in the January-March 2000 issue of the Latin American Evangelist (the magazine of the Latin American Mission organisation) looks at the pros and cons of these issues and comes out strongly in favour of the benefits of STM experiences. If you'd like text copy of the review, let Bob know. For a copy of the LAM magazine, send a message to

Face To Face International:

Making Missions Possible For You! Face to Face International (FTFI), an interdenominational Christian ministry that specializes in building world missions commitment by assisting churches and individuals with "face to face" ministry, provides short-term worldwide mission opportunities for churches, pastors and individuals. Visit FTFI for more information on the ministry, upcoming trips and financial support.

Face to Face International:

Mission Frontiers I doubt there isn't an article in the January 2000 issue of Mission Frontiers that hasn't been made available electronically. The latest (and last?) one to appear in my in-box is Monroe Brewer's article "Short-Termers and the Future of American Missions" - A mobilisation strategy for the local church in the 21st century." It's quite a useful article - despite the fact that it only seems to relate to "American" missions smile . Brewer works through a ten-step strategy that he has used in his own church to mobilise people for short-term missions.

Text copy of two of the articles from Mission Frontiers has come through. One is by Seth Barnes of Adventures in Missions (AIM) and identifies Ten Emerging Trends in Short-Term Mission. The other is by Luis Bush of the AD2000 and Beyond Movement and contrasts the relative benefits and pitfalls of both long- and short-term missions. If you'd like copy of either or both of these articles, let Bob know. Hard copy of Mission Frontiers should be arriving in New Zealand soon for distribution.

Missionary Ventures

Missionary Ventures (MV) is an interdenominational mission agency based in Victoria, Australia. Their purpose is to encourage and support indigenous churches through personal involvement, ministry development and financial support. Through short-term mission teams MV serves indigenous pastors and enables them to develop ministries to reach out to hurting people within their own communities. Over 140 short-term mission teams are facilitated each year by MV: evangelistic, drama, construction, medical, dental, children's ministry, pastor's seminar, intercessory prayer and many more. For more information contact Robert and Deborah Watson.

Association of International Mission Services

Association of International Mission Services
PO Box 64534, Virginia Beach, VA 23464.
Phone 804-579-5850.
Baptist General Conference US

Gospel Missionary Union

Gospel Missionary Union
Two weeks to a year worldwide
Kent Reimer
10000 N. Oak, Kansas City, MO 64155. 816-734-8500.

Josh McDowell Ministry/Operation Carelift

Since 1991, the Josh McDowell Ministry has been serving the people of the former Soviet Union through an ongoing mission called Operation Carelift. Operation Carelift provides emergency food, medicine, clothing, and other supplies for needy children and families. Twice a year, a team of 300-400 volunteer participants travels with us to Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine to visit orphanages, boarding schools, hospitals, youth prisons, and other places of need. At each site, we are doing more than just meeting physical needs. We are sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ through personal interaction, gospel presentations, and Christian literature. Contact the Josh McDowell Ministry at or by phone at 972 907-1000.

Southern Nazarene University

Southern Nazarene University
Annual week-long "work and witness" to Mexico over New Year's holiday with 175-250 participants yearly. - Howard Culbertson.

TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission)

TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) TEAMServe
Lowell Benson
PO Box 969, Wheaton, IL 60189.
Phone 1-800-343-3144.

Youth with a Mission

Youth with a Mission
Barb Foye
Czech Republic

Youth with a Mission
Allan Burney
Box 730, Turner Valley, Alberta, CANADA TOL 2AO.
Phone 403-933-3755. FAX: 403-933-3754.

Youth With a Mission
20 outreaches per year, worldwide`
Rick Shafer
PO Box 7, Elm Springs, AR 72728. 501-248-7236. FAX 501-248-1455.

Youth with a Mission
Worldwide. Send for magazine listing current opportunities
Mark Baxter

International Teams

I work primarily with existing groups such as churches and schools through consulting and facilitating to mobilize their youth into short-term mission opportunities. We also work with college and adult groups. All of our mission experiences are customized to the vision and goals of the team leadership. We can work with existing locations (ie. the church wants to go to their supported missionaries) or through our locations. We have about 50 different locations available to us through International Teams and various partnerships which our organization has. We have a training program which we give to the leadership of the team to work with the team members before, during and after the mission experience. It helps the team work through the necessary administrative stuff, support raising for individuals, team fund-raising, team building, spiritual prep, culture prep, ministry prep, onsite team stuff, debriefing, etc. The prices for our locations vary. They are done by a per day per person basis plus flight, passport, medical insurance, shots, [etc]. Please do not hesitate to contact me further on this. My team and I are here to serve the local churches in North America as they mobilize their people.

Jennifer Lichty

Director of Special Teams with International Teams

KKI Scotland

We are the child and youth ministry of Youth with a Mission and take kids as young as ten on mission outreaches nationally as well as internationally. Our team is based in Scotland, and this year young people can join outreaches in Scotland, England and Wales, and also further afield to Morocco, Thailand, Philippines and Canada. Your young people can either join one of these teams, or your whole youth group could come to Scotland and be part of an ongoing reaching out to the kids and families in urban housing estates. We are part of an international organisation and if you would like to get in contact with an operating location closer to where you are, please let me know where you are and we might be able to pass on a contact number.

You can contact our office at KKI Scotland - Joke Vos

Adventure in Mission

The organization I most recommend for teen groups is Adventure in Mission, out of Gainsville GA. They make it a point to run effective, meaningful, ministry trips; not just glorified summer camp. Their director, Seth Barnes, is one of the major proponents of ethical standards in the STM movement. And please let your pastor friend know about the National Short Term Mission Conference, held every January. The conference trains those in leadership roles, whether on the sending, taking, or receiving ends of STM teams. The conference has plenty for STM veterans, but novices are the ones who seem to find it a lifesaver. He/she can visit .

Into All The World 2001

The new Year 2001 edition of "Into All the World", the annual Great Commission Opportunities Handbook, is now available from Berry Publications. It is 100-pages in length, and includes "Short-Term Missions Today" as a special 40-page Editorial Feature Section. In this new issue you'll find 16 penetrating articles plus 9 Mission Opportunities Comparison Charts. The 8-page Resource Product Section provides information on 84 different books, videos and training manuals - half of them brand-new to this issue! All the copies you can effectively use come for a modest price: shipping and handling costs, plus a requested payment of 50 cents per copy ordered. To place your request for copies, send an email to the publisher Bill Berry, at CMD will order bulk copies for distribution "down under."

OC International OC International, a missionary agency assisting national church leadership in 22 countries worldwide, presents its ministry on the web with a featured country each month, missionary stories, and short-term or long-term missions opportunities. Read "The God Bike," a touching story of a little boy whose coffee-can collection helped get a missionary to Africa. Discover how you can participate as a "sports ambassadors" ministering within the sports arenas of the world with the Gospel of Christ.

Visit OC International's web site above to learn more.

Mission Opportunities Directory It is over a year now since we released the last edition of the CMD Mission Opportunities Directory.

The Directory should be available early in the new year. The contact information from the Directory provides the basis for the "agency" contact information on our web site.

Short Term Mission Conference Set For Atlanta --- To learn more about the Short-term mission conference coming to Atlanta Jan. 26-28, click to: Designed for those who organize Short Term Missions Teams, go on STMT's, wish their churches would get involved with STM's, or host STMT's. The 12th annual National Short Term Mission Conference is designed to train, equip, and mobilize for STM's with 40 workshops, keynoter Dr. Jim Judge and featuring Ken Medema. Those with further questions may call 800-636 3334 for brochures.

Center for Student Missions to Open Ministry Opportunity in Ecuador

The Center for Student Missions (CSM), an inner-city mission and service ministry, in partnership with International Teams (IT), a global mission organization, will open in Quito, Ecuador, beginning April 2001. Additional CSM/IT sites may include Manila, London, Athens and Rotterdam. CSM currently has USA ministry centers in Chicago, Houston, Nashville, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington D.C. At these centers, volunteer groups assist local churches in inner-city ministries. "I'm excited about the chance to expand the ministry," says Noel Becchetti, CSM President. "We're grateful that God has allowed our groups to be a benefit to our urban mission partners in North America...."

Searchable Database Of short-term Mission Opportunities

Mission Data International recently rolled out a new website devoted to short- term missions -- The website features a fully searchable database of short-term mission opportunities. It provides detailed descriptions & requirements on short-term opportunities from many organizations. also includes in-depth mission agency information, articles, and discussion forums. It is an excellent resource to refer people to. Take a look! Go to and try a search for a 1-2 week short-term opportunity to Latin America for instance. Also, stop by the discussion forums. For more information e-mail

Deeper Roots Publications

Deeper Roots Publications
Howard and Bonnie Lisech
2100 Red Gate Rd.
Orlando, FL 32818
407 293-8666

Also available is "Leaders Guide for Short Term Mission Leaders" by Lisa Chinn. Lisa is a well know Reentry specialist in the short term missions community and has done many seminars overseas as well as in N America. She has recently documented her research and put most of her seminar notes into a small book. It is spiral bound book, filled with research, and is easy to understand with many sources and footnotes. It is available for $10.50 + 1.50 shipping.

This should read: Reentry Guide for Short Term Mission Leaders Also available from Deeper Roots Publications is "Reentry Guide for Short Term Mission Leaders" by available for $10.00 = $1.50 shipping.

Reentry Guide for Short Term Mission Leaders

Also available from Deeper Roots Publications is "Reentry Guide for Short Term Mission Leaders" by Lisa Chinn. Lisa is a well-known Reentry specialist in the short-term mission community and has done many seminars overseas as well as in N America. She has recently documented her research and put most of her seminar notes into a small book. It is spiral bound book, filled with research, and is easy to understand with many sources and footnotes. It is available for $10.00 + 1.50 shipping.

The National Short Term Mission Conference

In Atlanta, Jan. 26-28. Church mission leadership chooses from 45 Workshops taught by experienced leaders on the things your church needs to know for doing short-term missions. Workshops include: how to recruit, how to interview, how to teach missions, how to do great team meetings before, on-site and after a trip, cultural dilemmas, conflict management, emergency issues, mobilizing families, the host's perspective, large church issues, and more. The plenary theme is Storytelling. Guest musician, Ken Medema will be putting music to stories....His story and your mission stories.

Even though the conference might be outdated, still you might want to visit their web site.

Setting a Standard for Short-Term Practice

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada creates a code to guide short-term mission efforts.

Amidst the extraordinary growth of short-term mission coming from North America, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) has formally released a "Code of Best Practice for Short-Term Mission."

"The Code is not meant to be a document for policing mission efforts," says Gary Walsh, President of EFC. Rather, it is an attempt to respond to the growing need of raising the "effectiveness bar," providing a "framework" within which participating agencies can design their short-term programs, according to Geoff Tunnicliffe, Chair of the EFC's Task Force for Global Mission.

Seventy-five agencies were involved with the creation of the document that is a response to what Tunnicliffe describes as a "growing chorus of local church, denominational and agency leaders asking how we can raise the effectiveness bar for short term mission efforts." The existence of the Code seems to be at least a tacit admission of the growing set of problems and challenges the short-term phenomenon poses for the long-term interests in advancing Christian mission. Short-term teams have often been accused of committing cultural blunders. Addressing this concern, the Code has expressed in its core value number one, "a commitment to culturally appropriate expressions of lifestyle and ministry activities."

See the full text of the Code at:

Making Mission Trips Worthwhile

Nate Wilson's Mission Mobilizer Forum can always be relied on to come up with a good mobilization article or two.

Missions Information Encyclopedia

Dave Mays' Missions "Stuff" The "Stuff" book is an encyclopedia of all the things you wanted to know about doing missions but didn't know whom to ask. It is a compilation of one-page lists, outlines, forms, and resources covering everything from Short Term Missions Policies to Missions Pastor Job Descriptions. It is meant to be a reference book for local church leaders and those helping churches in missions.

For a preview, see . It is available only on diskette (in Word) and only from David. Cost is $10 plus $2 S&H. Send check made out to ACMC to David Mays, Great Lakes Regional Director, ACMC Box 221, Brownsburg, IN 46112

SOURCE: David Mays.

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