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Christian Shortwave Broadcasts

FEBC is a global Christian broadcast ministry that develops and delivers programs to listeners introducing them to Jesus Christ, so they will know Him as their Savior, Lord, and King. Their programs also help listeners around the world grow in their faith and live in obedience to Christ.

FEBC International
FEBC International is a radio ministry with excellent programming. Their goal is to reach the world for Christ through their radio programs.

FEBC Philippines
FEBC Philippines is a radio ministry airing in Philippines. They have excellent Christian programs strengthening Christians and reaching out to both Christians and non-Christians with the word of God. They have prayer programs, counseling programs and more. You can listen online or on the radio.

HCJB Global
HCJB Global shares the good news of Jesus Christ with all people around the world. They accomplish this through a network of media partners around the globe and a network of healthcare and community development ministries. The ministry compromises as far as music.

Shortwave Radio Broadcast Stations
This page contains links to religious radio stations broadcasting on shortwave.
Many of the religious broadcasts have false doctrine.
This website is an information portal. It has links to the best shortwave radio bookstore on the internet and many other links.

TWR reaches out to the world for Jesus Christ. Their ministry is focused particularly on media outreach through high-powered radio, emerging digital platforms or face-to-face interactions. TWR compromises as far as music.

Below are places that sell shortwave radios:

C. Crane
C. Crane is selling shortwave radios online. Visit their website for their products.

J&R Music World is an online store where you can order shortwave radios in the USA.

Shortwave Radios
RadioLabs carries a complete selection of high-end, specialty and portable receivers.
It has links to websites that sell shortwave radios on the home page.

The Shortwave Store
The Shortwave Store is an online store that sells shortwave radios. The store is only intended for shoppers in the USA.

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