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A Resource Center For Theological Research Available Online

Resource Center for Theological Research, an evangelical ministry specializing in theological and apologetic research, publishes "Research Report," its newsletter, six times a year, compiling resources from various sources. The newsletter may include book reviews, index to current journals, new and upcoming books, conferences, links, articles and interviews, RealAudio and radio programs, recommended readings and recent dissertations. To be informed when new editions of the "Research Report" are posted online, send e-mail to ( Resource Center for Theological Research: please leave out the www.

Studies In Discipleship At Teaching Minds/Changing Hearts

Teaching Minds/Changing Hearts presents Biblical and philosophical studies, which include systematic theology, religious pluralism, doctrine and apologetics. Find student discipleship studies for high school and college students and new believers in apologetics, basic Christian doctrine, discipleship and evangelistic studies. Access adult discipleship studies--small group studies on the character of God, Bible book studies and more. Also find links for further research in the areas of philosophy, apologetics, church history and theology. TM/CH's motto: "Anyone who wishes to give the meaning of Scripture without taking it from Scripture is the enemy of Scripture (Augustine)."

Teaching Minds/Changing Hearts:
Paul D. Adams

World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF)

World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) is releasing WEF The Theological Resource Library on CD ROM. This CD ROM is completely searchable and is rich in material for missions, evangelism, discipleship, church history and theology. If you purchase all the material the CD contains in print it would cost you over $1000. WEF is offering this CD at a special price for BRIGADA TODAY subscribers. The CD normally sells for $49.95 but if you tell WEF you saw it in BRIGADA TODAY the cost is only $35.95. The complete run of the WEF Theological Commission journal Evangelical Review of Theology 1977-2000 is on the CD. The journal contains articles from a global perspective covering a wide range of topics in missions and current theological issues such as homosexuality, ethics, salvation, and theological education. The acclaimed, "A Contemporary Evangelical Perspective on Roman Catholicism" both in English and Spanish is included. The resource library contains Bibles, ASV and KJV, in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese. Historic Creeds and Confessions, History of Christianity, eight vol. set by Schaff, sermons by Wesley and Whitefield and WEF publications are also on the CD. The cost for the WEF Theological Resource Library is only $35.95 plus $3, domestic, or $5, international, for shipping and handling. For ordering or to obtain a complete list of contents contact WEF at 630-668-0440 or email Philip <>. WEF will accept Visa and Master Charge. Volume discounts are also available.

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