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This is a listing of videos, books, tracts, and booklets in Turkish. Please send all updates to

Turkish Scripture Sources

American Bible Society

American Bible Society
1865 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
(800) 248-6571 regular catalog
(800) 322 4253
(800) 543-8000 Scholarly Resources
(212) 581-7400
(212) 408 1200
(212) 408 1512 fax

Low cost Bible publisher and sponsor of volunteer Scripture Courtesy Centers. Bibles, New Testaments, portions, ask for catalog: scriptures resources in many languages has tracts in English and Spanish and possibly other languages

American Scripture Gift Mission

American Scripture Gift Mission
P. O. Box 410280
Melbourne, FL 32941
Toll-free: 877-873-2746
Phone: 321-255-7774
Fax: 321-255-8986
Ministry Managers: Gary & Linda Powell

Scripture Gift Mission. SGM is a 110-year-old mission based in London. We do booklets and tracts that are made up entirely of Scripture verses compiled around themes, like "Four Things God Wants You to Know" and "Way of Salvation." Most of our publications are evangelistic, though we have some that are great for discipleship and comfort.

We currently publish Scripture booklets and tracts in over 400 languages. The major languages generally have more choices, but the range is growing throughout all the languages. Our publications are used in 187 countries.

International Centre & Britain
Pavement Project
Naval, Military & Air Force Bible Society
3 Eccleston Street
London SW1W 9LZ
Phone (general) 020 7730 2155
Phone (NM&AFBS) 020 7463 1468
Fax 020 7730 0240 (International & Britain) (Pavement Project) (NM&AFBS)

Bible. John/Romans in Turkish.

Liberty Baptist Tabernacle
2010 Williams
Sturgis, SD 57785
605-347-6504 (voice)

Other Evangelistic Sites & Sources

AD2000 & Beyond Movement

PROFILE: The 35/45 Turkic Window`
"There is another window atop the 10/40 Window ... It's the Turkic Window, which is framed by the 35 degree and 45 degree north latitudes. It extends from Skopje, Macedonia in the west, all the way to Urumchi, China in the east ... We were astounded by the vastness of the gateway the Lord has opened, and compelled by the challenge He has laid at the feet of believers worldwide. Here is the opportunity for which we have prayed for generations, an opening in the seemingly impenetrable wall of Islam."

The excerpt above is from the newest booklet produced by the AD2000 & Beyond Movement entitled "The 35/45 Turkic Window: A Gateway to the Muslim World." This 12-page, four-color booklet is available for only $0.50 each.
An accompanying poster with information re unreached peoples in that region is also available for $0.25each. Please contact for more
information or to place an order.

This publication is the latest in a series highlighting the history, progress and focus of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement as it presses toward the goal of a church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000.

The 10/40 Window: Getting to the Core of the Core
The Unfinished Task: It Can Be Done
Joshua Project 2000
To the Uttermost Part: The Call to North Africa
The Arabian Peninsula: An Opening at the Heart of the 10/40 Window
The Horn of Africa: Challenge and Opportunity
The Maghreb: Ancient North Africa Yearns for Rebirth
The 35/45 Turkic Window: A Gateway to the Muslim World

Campus Crusade for Christ

Campus Crusade for Christ
100 Sunport Lane
Orlando, FL 32809
(407) 826-2000

The Four Spiritual Laws Booklet is available in these languages:
You can read them on their web page in each language.

Chick Publications

Gospel tracts.

Chick Publications,
P.O. Box 662,
Chino, CA 91708-0662.
909-987-0771 (voice),
909-941-8128 (fax), (e-mail),

Turkish illustrated gospel tracts.

Christian Comics International Web Site

Links to different Christian comic books and Christian comic tracts including the "Truth for Youth comic books", the Dave Roever story comic tract. Has some links to illustrators.

Evangelical Tract Distributors

Evangelical Tract Distributors
P.O. Box146
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5J 2G9
403-477-1538. (excellent web site)

Has Turkish tracts

Fellowship Tract League

Fellowship Tract League
PO Box 164
Lebanon, Ohio 45036 USA
ph: 513-494-1075
ph: 513-401-1075
fax: 513-494-2626

Has a sample pack and single fold tracts in many languages. Sends out over 100 million tracts around the world each year. An organization with a great missionary vision. Every $6 love offering prints 1000 gospel tracts (without shipping).

They have Turkish tracts.

Firm Foundation Trust

Firm Foundation Trust
14 Hurst Way
Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 1QN

"Ali & Silvana" is a dramatic, 90 min. feature length, evangelistic video, filmed in Bulgaria. It tells the story of a Muslim boy and a Christian girl who fall in love, but know their parents and their traditions, cultures won't allow them to marry. A 'mafia' type older man decides he wants Silvana and the story goes from there. New Life in Christ is contrasted with the 'traditional' religions (both Islam and Orthodox Christianty - in this case). There's a number of twists and turns - the conclusion somewhat unexpected and powerful. It's available in PAL and NTSC, in Bulgarian, Turkish and Bulgarian with English sub-titles.

$16.00 USA in 2000.

Gospel Recordings

Evangelistic recordings in 4,800 languages

Gospel Recordings USA,
122 Glendale Blvd.,
Los Angeles CA 90026.
213-250-0207 (voice), 213-250-0136 (fax),


1520 E. Winona Ave.
Warsaw, Indiana 46580 USA
ph: (219) 267-5834
fax: (219) 267-5876

Jesus Film Project

Jesus Film Project
P.O. Box 72007
San Clemente, CA 92674-9207 USA
ph: (714) 361-4425
orders: (800) 432-1997
fax: 714-492-0381

On their web page, it has a list of all the languages available for the "Jesus" video Universal Translator Deluxe. Computer translation software available for 33 languages, including Turkish, and more than 1,000 language-pair combinations. Also allows viewing of multiple languages in one document.

[Language Force, 1601 E. Lincoln. Ave., Orange, CA 92865. 888-837-8887 (orders), 714-279-9080 (voice), 714-279-9368 (fax), (web site)]

Multi-Language Media

Multi-Language Media
P.O. Box 301
Ephrata, PA 17522 USA
(717) 738-0582

Tracts or booklets in many languages . Ask for their catalog.

Ultimate Questions booklet: Excellent for sharing the gospel. Available in 26 languages, one of the most widely used evangelistic booklets (32 pages) in the world.

"The Greatest Person Who Ever Lived" (audio cassette presenting Jesus Christ through selections from the Gospels).

There are other titles in Turkish as well.

Books In Turkish:

"Good News" (a Gospel presentation on audio cassette with an accompanying full-colored booklet that presents God's plan of redemption).

Online Bible 7.0 on CD-ROM. 24 foreign language translations, including Turkish New Testament.

Portrait of Jesus audio cassette

Turkish Bible and New Testament

Who is Jesus? tract in Turkish. (8-sided Gospel tract presenting the unfolding plan of salvation beginning with creation).

Jesus video in Turkish

The Ransom video in Turkish - filmed in Turkey with Turkish Christian actors.
One friend dies for another friend in the video saving his friend's life.

No Frontiers

No Frontiers
PO Box 7
East Sussex
TN33 0UX
United Kingdom
Phone 44 (0)1424 772814
Fax 44 (0)1424 775416

Tracts and booklets in many languages. The website gives titles, language, prices and description.

We quote the 2000 prices here:

Bible (hardback)

"Scriptures" 7.80

"New Testament (hardback)"Various editions of the Mujde version are available.
"Scriptures" 10.70

"New Testament (standard softback)"Various editions of the Mujde version are available.
"Scriptures" 7.60

"New Testament (pocket edition)"Various editions of the Mujde version are available.
"Scriptures" 5.40

"New Testament (vinyl cover)"Various editions of the Mujde version are available.
"Scriptures" 4.55

"New Testament (paperback)"Various editions of the Mujde version are available.
"Scriptures" 3.00

Old Testament - Genesis"Modern translation, paperback editions."
"Scriptures" 1.55

Old Testament - Joshua"Modern translation, paperback editions."
"Scriptures" 1.55

Old Testament - Psalms"Modern translation, paperback editions."
"Scriptures" 2.70

Gospels - Matthew"Modern translation, paperback editions."
"Scriptures" 0.50

Turkish Christian Videos

Title -- Producer/Distributors

Ali and Silvana -- Firm Foundation Trust
Jesus -- Jesus Film Project
The Ransom -- Multi-Language Media
Yoneko (16mm) -- Intercomm

World Missionary Press

Box 120
New Paris, Indiana 46553 USA
tel: 219-831-2111
fax: 219-831-2161

Inexpensive booklets used throughout the world in many languages which use a lot of verses.
Ask for a catalog.

World Missionary Press

This is an inter- denominational faith ministry producing 48-page topical Scripture booklets in over 280 languages, along with Bible study booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages. We are producing approximately 3,600,000 Scripture booklets each month to send out free of charge as the Lord enables us financially. During our 36 years of ministry we have sent literature by request into 195 countries and islands of the world. You can read their booklets online on their web page.

World Missionary Press. "Help from Above" (pocket-size 48-page selection of Scriptures by topic). "Satan versus Christ" (warns against demon worship, witchcraft, idolatry). "How to Know God" (a Gospel presentation designed for Muslims or for general evangelistic work).

Turkish World Outreach

Turkish World Outreach prepares a bi-monthly prayer bulletin that is available by email or post in English, Spanish, Portuguese, or Korean. TWO hopes soon to have it available also in German. This bulletin contains prayer items regarding Christian ministry among Turkic peoples around the world. TWO would appreciate email or postal addresses of Christians interested in praying for the Turks. To request this bulletin, please email . It will be helpful if you would also include your postal address and telephone number.

Mailing Gospel Letters To Turks

Turkish World Outreach (TWO) is looking for volunteers to help mail letters to Turks living in Turkey and Australia. This is an outreach opportunity. Each letter greets the recipient with love and respect, talks about God's love and offers to pray for them. The last time we mentioned this was about 18 months ago. As a result TWO received a number of enquiries, some of whom continue to be involved to this day. Perhaps the most exciting outcome, though, was that TWO were able to find a couple, Noel and Ros Uebergang, who would work with Turks in Australia. At the time the Uebergangs weren't on the CMDNet list, but a friend forwarded the email to them. They now have regular contact with over 35 Turkish families, have handed out a copy of the Jesus video to most of the Turks living in their town and have seen at least two make decisions for Christ. For an indication of how you could be involved send a message to .

World Christian Resource Directory

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