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IBLP Publication Orders

IBLP Publication Orders
Box One
Oak Brook, IL 60522-3001
Bill Gothard's Ministry

In Touch Ministries

In Touch Ministries
Charles Stanley
First Baptist Church of Atlanta
Box 7900
Atlanta, Georgia 30357 USA
800-546-0070 (orders)

Many of Charles Stanley's teaching videos are available.

Indian Life Ministries

Indian Life Ministries
Kent Fraser
Box 3765
RPO Redwood Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 3R6
Phone: 204-661-9333
Fax: 204-661-3982
e-mail: indianlife@compuserve.com
or pilgrims@mailexcite.com

Learning to fly: the path of biblical discipleship
The video features a native cast and Craig Smith, a national evangelist with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He is Chippewa.

Inspirational Mall

sells popular Christian Videos online

Institute for Creation Research

Institute for Creation Research
PO Box 2667
El Cajon, California 92021-0667

Many apologetic videos on creation.

Children's web site:

Dr. Henry Morris often mentions Christians of
great scientific achievement. He probably has written a book about them. The scientific research of ICR members supports creation and debunks evolution. They create, publish, and distribute at no charge three monthly creationist publications and a quarterly devotional guide. They also create, produce, and sell creationist books and videos. Morris founded and directed ICR until his son John became president. He also founded Christian Heritage College in the early 1970s and its graduate school in the 1980s. This El Cajon college offers majors in liberal arts, science (geology, biology, etc.), and mathematics.

Institute for Creation Research

Institute for Creation Research
PO Box 2667
El Cajon, California 92021-0667

Many creation videos

The Image Of God
From Frog to a Prince
Raging Waters
A Question of Origins
Basic Creation Series - 7 video set by Henry Morris
Basic Creation Series - 6 video set by Duane Gish
A Walk through History
and many more titles

Institute of Biblical Studies

Institute of Biblical Studies
141 Oakdale Circle
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Affiliated with Liberty University
Bible school by video with guidebook
presently 12 hours for $195


P.O. Box 1624
701 16 Orebro
<m.alphonce@home.se> .
For PAL Version

ERDENET: THE STORY OF JESUS ASSEMBLY IN MONGOLIA -- This new video details the story of what the producers refer to as the first completely indigenous church movement planted in Mongolia. The story follows a multi-national church planting team as they pioneer, the church planting movement that develops, the team's phase-out and handover to local elders, planting of multiple daughter and granddaughter churches, and the training and sending out of Mongol missionaries that are now planting churches all over Mongolia and beyond. According to early viewer reports, the 15-minute movie is both exciting, encouraging, and technically excellent. Available in NTSC or PAL formats. For PAL Version purchase contact InterAct; P.O. Box 1624; 701 16 Orebro; SWEDEN or write to <m.alphonce@home.se> . For NTSC (American system video) purchase, send US$20.00 to cover video and shipping (within USA) to YWAM Church Planting Coaches at <cpcoaches@xc.org>


1520 E. Winona Ave.
Warsaw, Indiana 46580 USA
ph: (219) 267-5834
fax: (219) 267-5876
English PAL

Amharic, Bengali, Burmese, Cantonese, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Korean, Mandarin, Mongolian, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slavic, Spanish, Swedish, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese

International Board of Jewish Missions

International Board of Jewish Missions
PO Box 3307
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404

The following is a list of the videos we have:

The Story of Jacob - $19.95.
Lillian: Heart of the House of Jacob - 34 minutes $19.95 - 55 minutes $29.95.
The Jewish Passover - $19.95.
Messianic Museum Tour - $19.95.
Ready to Rebuild - $25.00
Out of Stock - Is God through with the Jew - $19.95

Ukraine Video List (Each video is free for a love offering, plus shipping
and handling)

My Heart's Desire
People Need the Lord
Closing Doors - Opening Windows
Open Doors - Open Hearts
The Door Remains Open ($19.95)
If Gold Helps.


International Day of Prayer
"Four Faces" is the title of a new video on the persecuted church available through the International Day of Prayer office (see below). Created largely out of the request of church leaders, the 25 minute video shot on location, offers real-life stories of persecuted believers in Sudan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines (for Saudi Arabia). Narrated by former CNN senior anchor David Goodnow, "Four Faces" serves as a passport to some of the most restrictive nations on earth. The film is perfect for families, study and community groups or churches. The video can be ordered through the IDOP web site (see above) or by calling toll-free 888/LetsPray (888/538-7772). The price is $US15 plus postage.

International Christian Visual Media Association

International Christian Visual Media Association
4533 Peakview Avenue
Littleton, CO 80121
Ph. and Fax: (303) 694-4286
Converting and Discipling Films


Phone +44 1732 874784 Fax +44 1732 874785
WEBSITE http:members.aol.com/interfilm/home.htm
E-mail: interfilm@aol.com

The International Films Division of the U.S. Center for World Misson

The International Films Division of the U.S. Center for World Misson 1605 Elizabeth St.
Pasadena, CA 91104
Ph. (818) 797-5462
This specializes in dubbing languages understood by 800 million people onto many feature length videos and films. They also produce films and videos in developing countries using indigenous talent. "The Pearl" was produced in India with an entirely Indian crew and cast.

International Teams

International Teams

The video titles below are described on their web page above. Some are Christian videos and some are secular videos. Many of the secular videos talk about a country as a potential place to travel.

Videotape titles:

4,000 Year Connection, The
40 Million Reasons
About the U.N.-Africa Recovery
Aceh: A Battle of Swords
Adana, Turkey: Muslims
Adopt a People Video
Africa: A Season for Hope
African Children's Choir
African Recovery, An
After the Storm: Power and Peace in the Middle East
Against Great Odds
Against Such There is No Law
Agriculture's Vanishing Heritage
Air Care: Rock 'n Roll Outreach to Africa
Albania Free
America's Children: Poorest in a Land of Plenty
Battle for the Soul of Russia: Now the Deeper Crisis
Being Young
Beyond Hunger
Beyond the Church Walls: How one church is transforming their community
Beyond the Wall
Big Joe
Blessed Are the Peacemakers (Two Parts)
Blindman's Bluff -- and -- Help!
Bombay, India: Muslims
Boy King
Boy in Trouble -- and -- The Doghouse Dream House
Breaking the Chains
Bringing Christ to the Cities
Bringing It All Back Home
Brother Sun, Sister Moon
Building Your Support Team
Business of Hunger, The
Calcutta, India: Muslims
Call to Prayer, A
Calling, The ... A True Story
Campaign to End Childhood Hunger
Caribbean Islands
Carlos of Colombia
Casablanca, Morocco: Berbers
Celebration from the City, A
Challenge to End Hunger, The
Changing Face of World Evangelization, The
Chariots of Fire
Charlie Cheddar's Choice
Child Survival Revolution
Children on the Edge
Children's Mission Stories Video
China Cry
China and Tibet
China: The Mainland
Christian and Biblical Justice, The
Church's Responsibility to the Poor, The
Circle of Plenty
City for God's Sake, The (Spanish version)
City for God's Sake, The: An Agenda for Urban Ministry
Come by Here
Come to the Fair -- and -- A Sudden Storm
Coming to Terms with the New Financial Reality
Complete Perspectives Video Series
Complete the Task: A Church for Every People Group
Concert of Prayer Video Training II
Confronting the New Era in Modern Missions
Cross and the Switchblade, The
Crosstalk Program on Haiti
Cry of Reason: Beyers Naude-An Afrikaner Speaks Out
Cry of the Unreached
Damascus, Syria: Muslims
Day for Discovery.in Portugal
Debt Crisis, The: An African Dilemma
Deccanis: The People of a Lost Heritage
Delhi, India: Muslim Peoples
Destination 2000: Moving the Church into the 21st Century
Developing Missions Awareness in Kids
Don't Eat Today or Tomorrow
Down and Out in America
Edge TV
Educating Children in Missions
El Norte
Elephant's Way, The
Empty Shoes
Esteemed Among Men but Not Rich Toward God
Ethiopia: The Land Beyond the Rivers
Europe's Great Cities
Evaluating Your Church's Missions Program
Every Moment
Everyone, Everywhere
Face of Hunger in America, The
Face to Face: Seeking Racial Reconciliation
Faces of Poverty
Faith Under Fire
Fascinating Craftsmen
Feed My People!
Final Frontiers, The
First Fruits
First Valentine, The
Flights For Kids
Focus on Prayer
Folk Music from Inner Mongolia
Footsteps Into Uncertainty
For Missionaries Only-Music and Video Catalog
French Folk Dancing, Vols. I & II
Friends-Ministry Among International Students
From Hijack to Harvest
From a Dark House to One Filled with Light: A Refugee Journey to Somalia
From the Jungles of Southern Yunnan
Fruit Out of Dry Ground
Fulfilling the Purpose of the Church
German Folk Dancing, Vols. I & II
Germany: The Romantic Road
Glad Sacrifice
Glimpses of West Africa
Global Assembly Line, The
Global Countdown 2000 Introductory Video, India
Global Countdown 2000 Video, Mexico
Global Poverty: From Despair to Solutions
God Knows My Language God So Loved the World
God and Money
God is Building a City
God's Kaleidoscope
Gods Must Be Crazy, The
Good Seed, The
Good Seed, The
Great Debate, The
Guess Who's Coming to America?
Hand Up, A: People Helping People
Hard Copy.From Kathmandu
Heartline to Indonesia
Help and Hope: Good News for the Poor
Hidden People of Guizhou
High Strongholds of Northern Yunnan
Himalayas: Nepal and Kashmir
Hong Kong
Hope for the Inner City
Hope is the Last Thing to Die
How Shall We Live?
How to Mobilize Yourself as a World Christian
How to Mobilize a Movement of World Christians
Hungarian National Folklore Ensemble in Performance
Hunger Next Door, The
Hunger Next Door, The
Hunger for Justice series
Hunger in America
If Given the Opportunity
Impacting Kids for Missions
In the Language of the Heart
Introduction to Christian Community Development, An
It's Our Destiny
Jesus Commands Us to Go
Jesus, A Messiah for All Peoples
Jewel Reclaimed, The
John Perkins: Cry Justice
Jonah's Bum Rap
Kashmiris: Caught in the Crossfire
Kazakhstan: Muslim Peoples
Keith Green Memorial Concert, The
Kenya Safari
KidsCan Video
Killing Fields
Kingdom of Love --and-- The Language of Jesus is Love
La Linea
La LuchaLines in the Sand
Land is Shaken, A
Land of Santa Cruz, The
Language Learning and Mission
Language-learning materials
Legacy of a Dream
Letter Home, A
Liberation Theology: Its Impact
Life as a Missionary: A Son Remembers
Lines in the Sand
Linkages: Your Role in the World's Food Connection
Lion Territory
Local Heroes, Global Change
Local Heroes, Global Change
Look What God Is Doing
Love is Not Enough
Making a Difference in the City
Malay Kids
Malays: The Price of Harmony
Malaysia: Urban Malays
Mama Luka Comes Home
Manchu: Imperial Bannerman
Many Faces of the Caribbean, The
Martin, the Emancipator
Materials in Arabic
Materials in other languages
Maximizing Our Church's Global Effort
Mexico: Cultural and Historical Tour
Miracle Over Indonesia
Mission Frontier Video
Mission, The
Missionaries: Priority One
Missionary Re-entry: The Church's Role
Missions Education for Kids
Mobilizing Your Church for Missions
Molly's Pilgrim
Momentous Times in Eastern Europe
Moscow & Leningrad: The Crown Jewels of Russia
Moscow and St. Petersburg
Motivating Boomers and Busters for Outreach
Motivating the Pew Potato for World Evangelization
Munich and Bavaria
Nation Within, The
Neighbor, The
Never the Same Again
New Hope in Central America
New Journeys Video
New Zealand
No Hunger in My Home
No Longer in Chains
No Place Like Home
On the Front Line
On the Rooftop of the World
Open for All
Operation Angel Wings
Operation Coconut
Operation: Tentmaker
Our Global Commitment
Our Trip to Mexico
Partners in Tomorrow's Promise
Partnerships for Evangelism
Patna Kids
Patna, India
Patna, India: Muslim Peoples
Peace Child
Peace Child (Spanish version)
Pedro and the Bright City
Perspectives #10:That Everyone May Hear
Perspectives #11: A World of Difference
Perspectives #12: How Shall They Hear?
Perspectives #13: Building Bridges of Love
Perspectives #14: The Church in Culture
Perspectives #14: The Church in Culture
Perspectives #15: Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches
Perspectives #15: The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches
Perspectives #16: Pioneer Church Planting
Perspectives #17: The Hidden Peoples and the Hungry Half
Perspectives #18: Unreached Does Not Mean Unreachable
Perspectives #19-#20: Becoming a World Christian: A Workshop
Perspectives #19: World Christian Teamwork
Perspectives #1: The Living God is a Missionary God
Perspectives #20: World Christian Discipleship
Perspectives #2: The Obligation and the Opportunity
Perspectives #3: The Kingdom Strikes Back
Perspectives #3: The Kingdom Strikes Back
Perspectives #4: A Man and A Message for All Peoples
Perspectives #4: Jesus, Messiah for All Peoples
Perspectives #5:The Expansion of the Christian Movement
Perspectives #6: Eras of Mission History
Perspectives #7: Pioneers of the World Christian Movement
Perspectives #8: The Task Remaining
Perspectives #9:Strategy for World Evangelization
Perspectives Video Series I
Philippine Diary, A
Poland: A Proud Heritage
Politics of Food, The: A Question of Aid
Politics of Food, The: Sharing the Land
Politics of Food, The: The Avoidable Famine
Politics of Food, The: The Food Machine
Politics of Food, The: The Hunger Business
Pop Beads or Pearls: Choosing God's Best
Prayer: The Leading Edge of Revival
Prayer: The Warfare of Missions
Prayer: The Work of Missions
Prescription for Hunger, The
Promise and the Blessing, The: A Biblical Mandate for World
Puerto Rico/U.S. Virgin Islands
Question 7
Raising Personal Support: A Biblical Approach to Fund Raising
Re-Entry: Making the Transition From Missions To Life at Home
Reach Out Together
Refugees in Our Backyard
Remember Me
Resolving Spiritual Conflicts & Cross-Cultural Ministry
Resplendent Island.Transcendent Need
Rick-a-Chee Takes a Journey -&- Rick-a-Chee and the Sky-Blue Hat
Rick-a-chee and the Monkey Stick -&- Big Trouble for Rick-a-Chee
Rick-a-chee and the Runaway Kobos -&- Rick-a-Chee and a Puppy Called Bo
Right Words to Say, The
River of Life
Romania: Out of Darkness
Romantic Vienna
Roots of Hunger, Roots of Change
Russian Journey
START: Discovering & Embracing God's Global Purpose
Saving Grace
Scattered Sheep, The Minorities of Southwest China
Secret of the Second Basement
Share the Harvest of Peace
Shifting into the Future Tense
Shopping Bag Lady, The
Should All Roads Lead to Rome?
Signs of Change
Small Steps
Small Steps
Solutions to Culture Stress
Som Chai of Thailand
Son of Man: Can These Bones Live?
Spirit of Advance
Spiritual Warfare: Parts I & II
Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches
Stranger in Our Midst
Sugarcane Island
Sundanese: From Darkness to Light
Survival Guide to Consumer Economics
Tahiti and French Polynesia
Talking Guidance, Talking Missions
Task of Highest Priority, The
Telling Kelli
Thanks to Debbie
They Hold Up Half the Sky
Thread of Promise: A Biblical Basis for World Mission
Through Gates of Splendor
Time Out
Time for Kids
Time to Build.A Time to Pray
To Every People
To Every People: Good News for the Whole World
Training Missions Committee Members
Training in Tension
Trees of Hope
Turkmenistan: Muslim Peoples
Turn the World Around
USSR: A Nation in Search of a Soul
Understanding the World Christian Movement
Unleashing a Wild Hope
Unreached People
Unreached Peoples-God's Priority
Urdu Muslims: A Cry in the Night
Video Vision Incorporated
Village Life and Music in Hungary
Voice Crying, A
Voice Crying, A
Wait of the World, The
Warfare in the Himalayas: The Tibetan Challenge
Warm Place Inside, A
Warm Place Inside, A
We Have Seen Him! Christian Witness in South Africa
We Were Like Them Who Dream
Week of Sweet Water, A
What to Do When the Flood Comes
When the Book Came to Balangao
Will of God, The
Winning Battles Through Prayer
Woman Named Mary, A
Women Like Us
Women: The Invisible Workers
Word Alive
Word Like a River, The
Words Like Potatoes
World Focus
World God Loves, The
World Prepared for the Gospel, The
World Religions
World Religions: Islam Year 600-1200
World of Difference, A
Worldview Boutique: The Gospel in a Pluralist World
Wycliffe Family Album
Wycliffe Family Album
Year of Living Dangerously, The
You Can't Ride Two Horses
Zaire Project
Zaire--From Chaos to New Beginnings
Zhuang: Between Heaven and Earth

The International Video Network

The International Video Network
2242 Camio Ramon
San Ramon, CA 94583
Ph. (510) 866-1121
Fax: (510) 866-9262

They offer many travel videos that portray the people, places and cultures of countries throughout the world. I don't know if they have any Christian emphasis.

(English PAL)

Intervarsity Mission

Intervarsity Mission
PO Box 7895
Madison Wisconsin 53707

"Worldview Boutique" by InterVarsity Video

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship/USA
6400 Schroeder Rd.
P.O. Box 7895
Madison, WI 53707
Phone 1-800-828-2100

SOURCE: InterVarsity's Spring 2000 Internationals on Campus newsletter

VIDEO: Bridging the Gap
New 3-part, 22 min. training video shows students how to build multi-cultural friendships and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with international students. Study guide included. Price: $19.95. Order from:
2100 Productions

Ireland Outreach

Ireland Outreach
Jim Gillette
Charleville, Harbour Rd.
Dalkey, Co.
Dublin, Ireland
Phone 011-353-1-280-6208
Fax 011-353-1-284-4750
English PAL

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